Marvel’s The Defenders full trailer arrives

Marvel The Defenders on NetflixNetflix has landed with the full trailer for Marvel’s The Defenders following up on the teaser trailer that we had back in April. While the teaser trailer featured all of The Defenders, they were all huddled inside the confines of a lift (elevator for any American readers) for what was a total of just 17 seconds, so it didn’t give all that much away. However, the new trailer from Netflix is a full-length 2:21 giving us the first proper look at what to expect from the series.

It’s starts out with Jessica Jones in a police room being interrogated, but before things progress, Matt Murdoch walks in and tells her he’s her lawyer and she should say nothing. From then on in, it delivers a slow buildup to the unification of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist to take on the latest threat to New York City.


Marvel’s The Defenders full trailer:

She’s only in the trailer for just a few seconds, but we do get to see Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra, the head of the organisation that The Defendants need to face in the latest original story to come to Netflix. She’s got a very strong presence in the role from what we can see, which should help her live up to the efforts of previous villains like Wilson Fisk, played to perfection by Vincent D’Onoforio, and Madame Gao, played just as impressively by Wai Ching Ho.

All of the characters are looking pretty cool with Luke Cage’s impenetrable skin and super strength coming off the best. Even Iron Fist appears to have stepped up his game despite getting a mixed reception for his part in his own series last year. The slow motion scene with Iron Fist crunching a blow into the side of Luke Cage’s head is pretty impressive and shows the effort that Netflix and Marvel have put into making the series.

The two characters have also got some pretty good dialogue too, with a great comedy line from Iron Fist when he introduces himself to Cage halfway through the trailer.

However the big revelation is that Stick will be returning to Netflix to help The Defenders unite against the new enemy. Played by Scott Glen, he was a big part of the storyline for Daredevil Series 2 so it’s going to be interesting to see how he’s going to join the battle in Marvels The Defenders.

Elodie Young is back as Electra too and she’s looking as bad as ever. In fact we’re pretty certain we can see her fighting Daredevil in the corridor towards the end of the trailer, so she may not be one of Matt’s tenuous allies anymore.


The trailer does a good job of setting up Marvels The Defenders for a big release when it arrives on 18 August 2017, with all episodes landing, as ever, all at once. The fight sequences are pretty slick and there are a few hints of much smarter comedy and dialogue then we’ve seen from any of the Marvel Netflix original series to-date, so it could be one of the best.

You can also see more from the series with the arrival of trailer 2 at San Diego ComicCon 2017, which showed more of Alexandra in her role as the antagonist for the series, along with both Gao and Bakudo, so we’re expecting The Hand to have a significant presence too. There was also a Stan Lee Punisher teaser video released, which seemed to confirm a cameo role for Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. It also set things up for more discussion for the prospect of as stand-alone The Punisher TV series, which should be coming our way next year.

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