Michael Kors SS15 collection review

Michael Kors S/S15 collectionFor anyone that has somehow missed it, it’s New York Fashion Week and the catwalks have been heaving with the best dressed models in the Big Apple. One of our favourite designer shows on display has got to be Michael Kors’ S/S15 collection, which includes a hell of a lot of wearable designs, along with a fair few eye catching colour splashes and stylish cut-outs.

There have been a number of themes in this year’s catwalk action, ranging from belted dresses and a whole lot of sheer, see through tops to a blitz on dress styles and an element of oversized, chunky designs. Michael Kors’ S/S15 collection includes elements of all this, but at the same time it manages to stand out from what has looked like a slightly high street led New York Fashion Week.


Take a look at the video below to see the final walk of the show for yourself, which is a pretty good way to see every one of the impressive designs in rapid fire from the collection. Our favourite outfits include the bright yellow flower print romper and matching jacket, the stunning long gold skirt and simple sky blue shirt, the long silhouette of the black dress with plunging v-neck collar (look out for the second to last model) and the long black skirt and white shirt with oversized cuffs.

However, we’re also big fans of the big yellow duffel coat, the high waisted denim shorts and matching crop top, the pink check smock, the dark tartan wrap and bustle dress with the black hip bag and the CIA-style trench coat. Although, in all fairness, we’d be hard pressed to pick out an outfit that we didn’t like, which is a rarity in a catwalk show.

One thing that’s hard to get away from in terms of next years style choices is that the belted dress is going to be a staple of the high street if the shows at the 2014 New York Fashion Week are anything to go by. It’s a style theme that has a few excellent examples in the Michael Kors S/S15 collection, including the white rockabilly skirted dress and tan belt at the start of the video and a long black dress with black rose embellishment and a nude belt towards the end.

In terms of menswear, there’s a whole lot of chunky knitwear, which is surprising considering the fact that it’s a spring/summer collection. Just to add even more conundrum to the seasonal selection, Kors has also opted to include a duffle coat in the slightly limited male designs, so while this is useful for any guys looking for inspiration for A/W14, it probably doesn’t provide much for spring and summer next year.

If you’re looking for women’s fashion ideas for spring and summer 2015, you can take a few pointers from the video below, including floral prints, check dresses, long flowing lines and classic style from the Michael Kors S/S15 collection. There’s also a minor nautical theme at the beginning of the final walk, which should keep any yacht loving fashion fans happy.


While the menswear selection isn’t much to write home about, the women’s fashion designs are amongst the best on show at the 2014 New York Fashion Week. It’s a great return for Michael Kors, who wowed his hometown earlier this week (9th September 2014) with the launch of his S/S15 collection. There are still a few show to come from Mercedes Benz sponsored fashion event, but it’ll take something special to beat this one.

Michael Kors SS15 collection review: 4.4/5

Michael Kors S/S15 collection final walk from the 2014 New York Fashion Week:

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