Minions The Rise of Gru UK DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date

After a very long wait, Minions The Rise of Gru is finally out on the big screen, so here’s everything that we know so far about the UK DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date. The animated sequel prequel was originally meant to arrive in cinemas in the summer of 2020, but got pushed back a number of times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minions The Rise of Gru UK DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date

This time around the plot it the origin story of Gru, who the Minions latched onto at the end of the first film. It traces their first big foray into the world of international super villains as Gru attempts to become the latest member of the Vicious Six.

However, in an attempt to impress the team he manages to steel their recently acquired stone of power. Sadly, the Vicious Six take it pretty seriously and Gru goes on the run with the help of the Minions, which comes to a head on the streets of San Fransisco.

Minions The Rise of Gru UK Blu-ray, DVD and digital release date

Minions The Rise of Gru arrived on the big screen on the 1st July 2022, so it should then have a UK digital release date around October 2022. This will make it a pretty strong contender for Christmas gifts alongside the like of Lightyear, which should be out a little before Minions 2.

The DVD and Blu-ray versions of the film will then come out a week or two after the digital version in the UK. That should put it around mid October 2022, but a lot will depend on how successful it is on the big screen.

With the film industry getting back to something resembling normal again following the COVID-19 pandemic, things are a little different for DVD, Blu-ray and digital releases. Initially, this just meant that there was less time between films coming out on the cinema and then home entertainment.

This has now developed into way more flexibility for film studios, so films come out for home viewing when they think they’re going to have the most impact (within reason). For Minions The Rise of Gru, it means that Illumination and Universal Pictures can look at all of the info and timings with regards to Christmas, cinema sales and past trends to plan things out for home entertainment. Taking all of these things into account, October is still our best estimate for the release.

Other films that should be out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital around that period are Thor Love and Thunder, which has its release a week after Minions 2. Lightyear is by far its biggest competition for Christmas sales, but as you’ll read in the review section below things could well be stacked in favor of the yellow team and their despicable lead.

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North America release date

The release date in North America is usually a little less than a month prior to the UK, so the Minion Rise of Gru Blu-ray should be available towards the end of September. However, they may opt to push it back a bit to put it closer to the Christmas and Thanksgiving release window.

In terms of digital, the US market is starting to make this even available earlier, but with a much higher price tag, so you might want to look into this option if you’re mulling over the early access digital rental instead of taking the family to the big screen. With prices in cinemas getting up to eye watering amounts these days, it might make sense for anyone on a budget.

DVD and Blu-ray details

Age rating: U (UK) PG (North America – US & Canada)

Runtime: 1 hour, 28 minutes

Director: Kyle Balder

Cast: Steve Carell, Pierre Coffin, Russel Brand, Taraji P. Henson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lucy Lawless, Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, Julie Andrews, Michelle Yeoh


If you’re short on time, our Minions The Rise of Gru DVD, Blu-ray and digital review is simple. It’s easily one of the best animated films of the year in terms of family entertainment and would make a good addition to any animation collection (especially if it’s already heady with prior despicable releases).

The first of the prequels was a good introduction, but the sequel takes things to the next level with mini Gru acting as the perfect partner to the Minions’ mayhem. It’s not that he steels the show as such, it’s just that he creates a far more fun and interest dynamic onscreen, giving the film way more opportunities for laughs, action, adventure, excitement, intent.

In addition to the vast amount of brilliantly times slapstick comedy that will have the little ones in gales of laughter, there are also a fair few gags and Easter Eggs for older animated feature fans. If that isn’t enough, the stunts and the presentation of them is off the charts, which makes Minions The Rise of Gru one of the most visually impactful films of the year too.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness has still got the crown so far, but the return of the little yellow dudes and their equally little big boss is a close second. Everything builds to an epic confrontation on the streets of San Francisco and it’s a genuine joy to watch.

The monster section can be a bit full-on for younger kids, but the pace of the film means that they don’t have to look away for too long. There’s literally no fat in Minions 2, so with everything else that’s going fro it the DVD, Blu-ray and digital versions are going to get a lot of watches over the years to come. It’s a very close second to Sing 2 for the 2022 crown.

Minions The Rise of Gru DVD, Blu-ray and digital review: 4.5/5

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