Monster Hunter World Walkthrough Part I

Monster Hunter World walkthroughGet started with 2018s first big game with the first part in our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide. It’ll take you through the first five big monsters that you hunt in the game, as well as the earlier introductory sections where you’ll learn the ropes for the exhilarating style of play that MHW delivers.

Following the deluge of new games ahead of Christmas, there’s always a little drought in January. However, this year it was well and truly quenched with the arrival of Monster Hunter World, with its vast sandbox areas to explore and huge marauding monsters to take down.



Everything kicks off with your initial character setup as a Fifth Fleet Monster Hunter ahead of a voyage across the sea to the New World to investigate the mysterious crossing of the Elder Dragon, Zora Magdaros. This makes the game much more personal as you’ll be playing along with the main character that you’ve designed, as well as a Palico cat assistant. The Palico buddy is a big part of the game and while the opening section only provide a little info on them, there’s plenty to do to level them up, forge better armor for them and kit them out with an ever increasingly powerful array of weapons.

You’ll get a brief introduction to Astera once you start the game, following your first tangle with Zora Magdaros on the voyage over. It’s pretty easy to make it through, as it’s just a tutorial for game movement and then you’ll have a similar process on dry land at the New World, where you’ll need to make it back to the HQ. you don’t need to do much other than follow the handler and cut-scenes will do the rest.

Astera is where you’ll be able to forge new equipment, sort, store and craft materials and get a hearty meal to give you hunt buffs before you head back out. Each of these are important elements of the game, so it’s well worth spending a little time getting used to them. You can also test out weapons to see which one you like in the training ground by talking to the housekeeper cat in your room and again this can help you get set for the challenge ahead.

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Small Monster hunts

To begin with, you’ll have two simple assigned quests to take on to get used to the fighting system in Monster Hunter World. They’re both fairly easy to complete with the first being a run into the Ancient Forest to take down a few Jagras and the second being a return to cull a heard of Kestodons.


The Kestodons pose the biggest threat at this stage in the game as you won’t have much in the way of strong armor, weapons or potions to help you. Just keep rolling or dodging the male head butt attack and then try to get your hit in from the side and you should finish them off pretty easily.

Beat the Great Jagras

You’ll get a step up in terms of the challenge with the Great Jagras, the first large monster that you’ll need to take on. Again, the main reason that it’s not so easy is that you’re just starting out in the game at this point, so you won’t be as prepared for it as you will be later in the game. By the time you complete the first part of the main story, you’ll be able to finish off a Great Jagras in under five minutes, but right at the start they can definitely pose some threats.

While they’re weakness is to fire you probably won’t have a weapon to take advantage of this at this stage. Instead, focus on your attacks to get in hits to its head and neck for maximum impact, but this is where it’s most dangerous, so you’ll need to do a lot of dodging, rolling and potion administration to keep your health levels up. A safer approach is to attach from the side, but even here it can get you with its roll move, so always be ready to get out of the way.

Find camp #2 and beat the Kulu-Ya-Ku

Once you’ve taken down the Great Jagras, its time to locate a new camp in the Ancient Forest. This is a good opportunity to explore and to get your bearings, but you’ll be able to find the Field Commander next to the camp location in sector

When you get there, you’ll find a Kulu-Ya-Ku in residence, so you’ll need to beat it to clear it out, freeing you up to set the camp up. It’s relatively straightforward and shouldn’t pose enough of a threat to make you faint, but it’s worth being prepared for its defence, as it carries a pot in its forearms, which bounces hits from the front. However, it’s weakest point is its head, so the when you do get it to drop the pot, you will need to lay in with as much damage as possible. The video above should give you enough pointers on your strategy to defeat the Bird Wyvern and get the camp set up.

Defeat Pukie Pukie

While there are a number of other monsters roaming around in the Ancient Forest, the Pukie Pukie is the last you’ll need to defeat before you head out to the next area of exploration. It’s a fairly large Bird Wyvern with a huge tongue and, as the name would suggest, poisonous sick.

It’s tongue attack and upchuck are the two to avoid most, and the latter will need either Meds or Antidote to stop the health meter from dropping. Its wings, tail and head are its weakest spots and you can sever the tail, so make sure you carve it when it drops. You can see us taking one down in the video above for tips on beating it, but in general it’s a case of dodging our of the way of its sick and tongue attacks and getting into a good position to get in your hits on its tail and wings.

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