Jack Jack returns in The Incredibles 2 trailer

The Incredibles 2 trailerThe Incredibles 2 trailer is out and it looks like Jack Jack is going to steal the show once again with some of the best moments coming from the youngest member of the Parr family of supers. He may have only had a few key scenes in the 2004 original, but we’re expecting him to be a whole lot more prominent in the sequel, which will be arriving on the big screen later this year.

The film has been on the cards for a while now, having been announced back in 2014, but other than the homage to Edna Mode’s contribution to the fashion world last year, it had been pretty quiet from Disney Pixar. However, the trailer puts it on the super map straight away and it looks like director and writer, Brad Bird, will be bringing a new progression to the family dynamic story that made the first film such a big hit.

The Incredibles 2 trailer:

The story will pick up directly after the events of the first film with the arrival of the Underminer as a new threat to the incredible family of super heroes, following the nasty cape accident that finished off Syndrome. The trailer starts out with a brief action scene intro carrying on from where the opening story line left off, but it looks like this will just be a timeline tie-up that will see the film progressing with a new set of family dramas.

The most prominent in the trailer is the working mum/stay at home dad dynamic that has developed as Helen Parr / Elastagirl is brought out of retirement in a big way. She’s essentially recruited to fight crime and be the face for supers by wealthy businessman Winston Deavor, played by Breaking Bad‘s Bob Odenkirk.

This leaves Bob at home to take care of the kids, with Jack Jack’s super transformations, Dash’s maths homework and Violet’s love life being his biggest challenges. From the look of the trailer, Bob’s got a tougher job than Helen, but we’re expecting him to come through in the end.

He’ll have a little support from his best friend Lucius Best / Frozone, played by Samuel L. Jackson once again, but it does look like this is going to be much comfort to him. Luckily, he’ll also have some wise words from super suit and fashion mogul Edna Mode, who is voiced by director and writer Brad Bird.

Though the film trailer starts out with the arrival of the Underminer, it’s doubtful that this will be the main focus of The Incredibles 2. This leads a lot of speculation about who the lead villain will be, but when you take into account the news that Catherine Keener will play Winston’s sister Evilyn, you’ve got a pretty big finger to point.

The film will be released on the big screen on the 15th June 2018, so we’ll have all of the answers pretty soon and with a great first look trailer, it’s set to be one of the year’s big animated features.

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