Shooting Stars Series 8

Shooting Stars series 8There’s no real reason for it, but despite the previous series being class, a new series of Shooting Stars has a habit of bringing on cringing low expectations. Maybe it’s the childishness of some of the comedy, but whatever the reason every new series seems to do a little rabbit dropping on the chips of such expectations and produces more class comedy.

Shooting Stars Series 8 looks likely to be just as impressive as previous series, going out on BBC 1 and available on BBC iPlayer at the moment. Vic and Bob are manic, random and hilarious with the ongoing hint of a modern day Morcombe and Wise; parallels that they’ve got to be used to by now.

With Matt Lucas busy on Come Fly With Me, or whatever it is, the George Dawes spot was left vacant. It’s been taken by series 7 newcomer, Angelos Epithemiou, who’s dead pan Greek burger van man charm is ace. One of the best bits in the first episode is when he goes over to Bridget Nielson (Rocky IV!!!) to tell her that he’s had a look at her and that he thinks she’s lovely, but she’s not for him.

The in-game sketches are much smarter than previous series if the first episode is anything to go by, with its Elton John and David Furnish at the adoption agency sketch. However, it doesn’t matter how you look at it, in its parts, or as a whole, Shooting Stars Series 8 brings back the show with just as much, if not more, comedy genius as before.

Shooting Stars Series 8 review: 4.4/5