Stranger Things Season 4 Enzo and the Russian Guard explained

Stranger Things Season 4 is here and it’s already lived up to expectations and then some, but if you’re wondering what all of the references to Enzo are then hello, and welcome to our explainer. The name first appears in Episode 2: Vecna’s Curse when Joyce gets what she thinks is a ransom note inside a Russian doll, but not the nested type that’s got lots of little ones inside.

Stranger Things Season 4 Enzo and the Russian Guard explained

The note is signed off from Enzo, so it’s easy to assume that this is the person that’s working with Hopper. However, when Joyce and Murray are talking about it, she insists that the name is the proof that Hopper is really still alive and that he managed to survive the gate destruction thing at the end of Season 3.

Enzo’s was the name of the restaurant that Joyce and Hopper were meant to go on a date at last season. However, Joyce inadvertently stood him up when she started to notice household items have lost their magnetism.

The reference in the letter tells Joyce that whoever wrote it must have Hopper’s trust to know about the failed date. However, if you missed that then it’s easy to assume that the Enzo reference is the name of the contact over in Russia.

The result of this is that a fair few viewers might start to associate the name with the guard that Hopper is in cahoots with to try to buy his escape back to America. The reality, though, is that his name isn’t Enzo even though he answers the phone call with Joyce when she refers to him as Enzo.

If you missed this and you’re here trying to find out more about who Enzo, thinking it’s the Russian guard, you can find out more about the character and his pilot Yuri in the section below. Again, if you missed the reference to the restaurant then you might be wondering whether or not it’s him or the guard.

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Who is the guard that answers as Enzo

The guard that helps Hopper and goes on to fight a Demigorgan with him might not be Enzo, but he is one of the most influential new additions to the cast, alongside Jamie Campbell Bower as Number One/Vecna and Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson.

His name is Antonov and he’s played by Tom Wlaschiha, who you might recognise as Jaqen H’ghar in Game of Thrones. His pilot comrade in Stranger Things Season 4 is Yuri and he’s played by Nikola Ðuričko, who’s only other significant English language role was in World War Z.

Antonov starts out as the wheeler-dealing crooked guard that helps Hopper get a message to Joyce in a low odds bid to secure his freedom. Joyce and Murray fly out to Alaska with the $40,000 that they need to get the deal done, but Yuri double crosses them all.

This results in both Hopper and Antonov getting put into the same high security secret Russian prison, which is also home to a lone Demigorgon. While the guards try to fatten them up for the slaughter, Joyce and Murry manage to take Yuri prisoner and mount a rescue attempt.

This all culminates in a battle with the monster of that first appeared in the opening season of Stranger Things. While Hopper and Antonov fight it back with fire, the two other Americans manage to secure the warden of the prison and help to free Hopper, who narrowly escapes the clutches of the Demigorgan.

That’s pretty much where things end for the Enzo saga in Stranger Things Season 4, but that’s just Volume 1. There’s still another two episodes to come from the show this year and they’re due to arrive in July 2022.

This should see us getting to find out where things go for Hop, Joyce, Murry and Antanov for the end scenes of the season. Do the Americans make it back to America and will Ant be reunited with his son Mikhail? We’ll have to wait for more Stranger Things in the summer.

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