Terminator Dark Fate DVD release date UK and when is it out on iTunes, Blu-ray, digital release and rental

Terminator Dark Fate UK release date

After months of hype Terminator Dark Fate arrived on the big screen in October 2019, which meant that the DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date (UK details below) was just around the corner. It’s the latest entry in the sci-fi franchise and with a story that scrubs out the timeline for all of the other more recent Terminator films, picking up as a sequel to Judgement Day, it’s got the potential to be a big one for digital download to buy and rent on iTunes and Amazon.

The story has been co-written by James Cameron, so there should be an element of decent continuity from T2, which is added to by the return of both Arnie and Linda Hamilton back in the lead roles as Sarah Conner and T-800. However, with the thumbs up demise of Arnie’s Model 101 at the end of Judgement Day the question is how they’re writing him back in.

The cast also includes new additions to the franchise with Mackenzie Davis as a human cyborg protecting the new target for the Terminators, Dani, who is played by Natalia Reyes. They’ll all have to face the might of Rev-9, the latest model of Terminator sent from the future to kill Dani. Gabriel Luna has taken up the robotic mantle to star in the iconic role and this time it’s got both a solid state endoskeleton and the mimetic polyalloy.

The plot is set 27 years after the end of T2 and with the arrival of Rev-9, the band of heroes have to pull out all the stops to protect Dani from the seemingly unstoppable super machine. This sees them recruiting one of the original model 101 Terminators and it’s going to be interesting to see how they weave it all together to progress the main timeline story for the series.

DVD, iTunes, Xbox ONE, PS4, Amazon and digital rental release date UK

The Terminator Dark Fate DVD and Blu-ray release date has been confirmed for Monday 2nd March 2020 in the UK, following on from its arrival on the big screen in October. As it continues the storyline as a direct sequel to T2 it’s bound to get a 4K Ultra HD release, along with the steelbook treatment and potential for 3D Blu-ray with the fluid metal CGI for Rev-9 wing reason enough to release the format.

It’ll be available to buy first on digital with its release on iTunes and Amazon Video where it will be out a couple of weeks earlier, so Monday 17th February 2020. The digital rental will then follow with a release on the same date as the DVD and Blu-ray.

Runtime and digital file size

The runtime for Terminator Dark Fate is of 2 hours and 8 minutes, so it’s going to be a fairly weighty film with more than enough time to do the series justice. The runtime should work out as a digital file size of around 5.4Gb at 1080p in high definition, 4.9Gb at 720p HD and 2.32Gb in standard definition. If you’re planning to buy the digital version then check available space on your PC, Mac, PS4 or Xbox ONE hard drive before you download.

You can follow the official Twitter page at https://twitter.com/Terminator to see more on the home entertainment release.

UK cinema release date

Terminator Dark Fate has a UK release date of Wednesday the 23rd October on the big screen, a little over a week earlier than in the USA and Canada where it will be out on the 1st November 2019. It’s pretty much guaranteed to take the number one spot at the box office with nothing much out on the same weekend. It’ll just need to see off the second week run of Maleficent, which it should do, and then it’ll have Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, as it’s competition the week after.

Terminator Dark Fate age rating and parents guide

The Terminator Dark Fate has been given an age rating of 15 by the British Board of Film Classification in the UK, which sort of as expected with the amount of violence and gun fighting in the film. It matches the opening two films in the series which also had an age rating of 15, but then Terminator Genisys and Salvation picked up a 12, so it should be more intense than anything we’ve seen from the franchise in a long time.

We’ll add in more details about the film as they become available, including any special features that get added, but the information above should give you a good idea of what to expect.

You can also see the official Terminator Dark Fate page on the website at https://www.paramount.com/movies/terminator-dark-fate to see more on the sci-fi action ahead of the home entertainment release.