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100 Club LondonTowards the end of 2010, we all discovered that the 100 Club would be closing soon if a sponsor or funding wasn’t found to help bail it out and inject new life into the live music venue, so we decided to publishing a little about them every month since to do our bit to help to save the historical venue and February 2011 saw us feature the delights of the 100 Club Cafe.

Yeah, you read right, the 100 Club has got a cafe, so the next time you’re shopping for some stupid jumper or a naff Beefeater Bear, try to avoid the urge to sully yourself with a McDonald’s and head over to the 100 Club Cafe for lunch. It’ll help to alleviate your conscience as you contribute a little to help keep the place ticking and get a good meal in the process.

It sells simple hot food with a menu that changes daily, so even if you’ve got back-to-back trips to BHS or the Top of the Shops planned throughout the week you’ll still be able to eat something new every day. That’s not the kind of experience you can find very easily at Pret eh Manga or the even more annoyingly titled Eat.

Menu favourites include lasagne, chilli con carne, pasta dishes, seafood and a host of vegetarian options. The 100 Club has a genuinely woeful website, so we can’t even link to the cafe page properly, but that shouldn’t put you off in all fairness, even if it is a bit annoying for us.

The food may not be all that Raymond Blancy, but you’ll still get the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping to save one of London’s most revered live music venues. With your help and the support of Paul McCartney’s fundraising gigs, the 100 Club has been saved once, but unless you call in every now and again for a bit of fodder it’ll always be pretty close to the bread line.

The good news is that a few years on the 100 Club is still going strong, along with its cafe, thanks to a lot of support from the music world, local fans and a resurgence of tourist stop offs from the cooler portion of the visiting international pack. When you get comfortable venturing down into it’s tucked away confined with the cafe, you should be good to move on to going to see a gig there sometime soon too.

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