The Angel, Sam Smith’s pub

The Angel Holborn Sam Smith pub, LondonThe Angel Sam Smith pub in between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road is one of the most beautiful old world pubs in London. It’s got a stunning dark oak and black marble front, very cool original decor inside and one of the best little-known beer gardens for miles around, but what makes The Angel such a great place to go for a pint or two (or three) is that it has a very relaxing impact on you as soon as you walk in, which only gets more deep seated once you’re settled outside in a little shade with a jar of Taddy, one of the Samuel Smith lagers.

It’s not just the look and feel of the pub either that helps to make it so much of a joy to visit, the bar staff are the almost unseen presence that make it easy to get in, get a drink and a place to sit within a minute or so. There aren’t that many places in London where that happens, but The Angel makes it feel effortless. They work away at the bar serving people quickly and easily, making sure that there is rarely any queuing necessary, while also keeping the empties magically disappearing without taking your last sip.

While the prices at Sam Smith pubs isn’t necessarily what it used to be, it’s still pretty reasonable considering the present day drinks prices in and around the capital. At the time of writing, a pint of Taddy (named after the brewery’s head quarters in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire) will set you back £3.24, while a fancier tipple of organic lager will cost you the more standard London price of £4.24. All of the drinks available are from the Samuel Smith Brewery (Sam was the elder, lesser known brother of John Smith, by the way), so you won’t be able to find any popular brands as such, but the drinks are high quality and drink well, especially the light and incredibly refreshing wheat beer in its long, tall glass.

The Angel Sam Smith pub beer gardenIt’s a very traditional style the pub has, with a lot of old school British pub features, like cut decorated glass panels, mahogany framework and period lighting. It’s a refreshing watering hole during the day, a cool spot for evening drinks and a great place to meet friends on the weekend. While it doesn’t serve food, it’s all the better for its dedication to a good beer and an enjoyable no-nonsense drink.

It’s one you can’t miss off on a Sam Smith pub crawl, but it’s also class if you’re looking for anywhere near Holborn, Tottenham Court Road, Shaftsbury Avenue or Seven Dials for a good drink and a great atmosphere. Everybody probably won’t know your name and there isn’t necessarily a glad you came reaction, but you will get a good beer and a nice place to relax.

You can find The Angel on St Giles High Street, just off Shaftsbury Avenue. It’s just down the road from the Cuban Embassy as you’re walking from Holborn Tube Station, or just before Shaftsbury Avenue if you’re coming from Tottenham Court Road. Although, you could just use the map below to find it.

The Angel, Sam Smith pub review: 4.4/5

The Angel, Holborn location map:

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