The Book Club, Shoreditch

The Book Club, ShoreditchThe Book Club, Shoreditch is a gem of a find. To start with it’s massive, with a huge upstairs area, a labyrinthian downstairs and ace hangouts tucked away throughout the two. The atmosphere is about as relaxed as it gets and though it’s almost always busy, it never feels packed to the rafters.

There’s a pretty good selection of drinks at both the upstairs and downstairs bars, which are both quite long, so it doesn’t feel like you’re stood waiting behind a massive queue when its your round. However, what The Book Club has in bucket loads is unique character, with stylish, but slightly random decor ranging from a ceiling made up of light bulbs to the wall of table tennis bats.

It’s also got plenty to do when you get board of talking to your mates, colleagues or mum. There’s a table tennis section tucked around the right hand wall on the ground floor, a pool table in the basement, books galore and boardgames a plenty. Annihilating everyone at Connect Four after a few gockles of geer is genuinely one of life’s great unsung aces.

A little walk away from either Shoreditch High Street or Old Street stations, The Book Club is definitely one of the better venues in Hoxton. Though it’s a great place in the summer, with so much to do it’s perfect for whiling away rainy days.

The Book Club review: 4.5/5