The Matrix Resurrections age rating, parents guide and UK release date

The Matrix Resurrections age rating, parents guide and UK release date

The 4th entry in the main film series was finally announced as The Matrix Resurrections earlier in the year, so here’s everything we know about the film so far, including the latest on the UK release date, age rating, parents guide and runtime. You can also find out more about the plot, cast and how it possibly fits in with the rest of the films to breath new life into the hit franchise.

By all accounts, the story seems to take place following the events of the first three Matrix films, which culminated in Revolutions in 2003. The last we saw of Neo, he let himself be assimilated by the destructive might of the Agent Smith program to allow the leader of the robot overlords, Deus Ex Machina, to execute the kill code to shut it down for good.

Neo’s resurrection was then teased at the end of the film with the Oracle telling Sati that she thinks they will see him again. That seems to now be the case in The Matrix 4, but instead of being free in the real world, he’s still in the artificial one with no recollection of the events of the first three films. That sets the premise for Resurrections as Neo and Trinity must go back down the rabbit hole of reality that is the Matrix.


Obviously, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will be reprising their roles as Neo and Trinity, but Laurence Fishburne will not be returning as Morpheus. Jada Pinkett Smith will star as Niobe once again and they’re all joined by newcomers Yahya Abdul-Manteen II, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Jessica Henwick.


Jonathan Groff has taken over from Hugo Weaving to play Smith and Lambert Wilson returns to the cast as a very disheveled Merovingian.

The Matrix Resurrections UK release date

The fourth entry in the series is slated for a UK release date of Wednesday the 22nd December 2021, following on from a few delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s clearly going to be a contender for the Christmas number 1 spot on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s big competition will be The King’s Man, which is out in Britian on the 26th December 2021, so a lot will come down to the reviews in terms of which film comes out on top.

It’ll come out on the same date in the US too, so you don’t need to worry about any obvious spoilers doing the rounds before it comes out over here in the UK. Although, in all fairness, if you went looking for them you’ll probably be able to find a few ahead of the release, along with a whole host of theories on what’s actually going on with the system nowadays.

As The Matrix Resurrections is coming out over Christmas 2021, it should then come out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital in the UK around Easter 2022. It’s also going to be available to stream in the US on HBO Max on the 22nd December 2021, but there’s no word as of yet about UK streaming.

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Age rating and parents guide

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has now officially announced The Matrix Resurrections UK age rating with the release date just around the corner and its been given a certificate of 15. There was already plenty to take from the previous three films, which were all certified as 15, so it would have been surprising if 4 were to have come out with anything other than that. Warner Bros. aren’t going to want to rock the boat on a tried and tested franchise, so it was unlikely to be any more universally friendly in terms of the rating either.

In terms of our parents guide, you can expect some fairly strong violence, so if you’ve got any concerns ahead of the release date then you might want to re-watch some of the previous films. There’s obviously a stylized fantasy portrayal to the violence with elements like bullet time and Neo and Trinity’s psychokinetic powers within the Matrix, but it’s still going to hit hard.

Parents that haven’t seen the previous films might also take into account the milder shock elements in the film like Neo getting his mouth sealed up as in the first film. There is also the potential for strong language to take into account, which will have contributed to the R age rating in North America.

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Like the age rating, The Matrix Resurrections runtime wasn’t confirmed until we got close to the release date, but it has now been announced to be 2 hours 28 minutes long. If you compare this to the previous films, they’ve all been around the 2 hours 10-20 minutes mark, so that’s gone on to be the same for 4.

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