Tombo Japanese Deli and Grill, South Kensington, review

Tombo Japanes Deli and Grill, South Kensington, LondonTombo was a really good find. Stranded and alone in South Kensington, it was a beacon of white brilliance on a hungry Sunday afternoon. The Japanese deli and grill provided great food, quick service and reasonable prices.

My favourite from the Tombo Japanese Deli & Grill menu was the grilled gyoza (from £1.50), which tasted amazing with the dipping sauce that came with them. However, their bento boxes (from £6.50) were pretty special too with Teriyaki Chicken, Miso Marinated Salmon or Vegetarian Tofu along with your choice of 3 side dishes and a portion of multi-grain rice.

It has a really nice layout too, with a good amount of tables and a stylish look and feel. While minimalism is a big feature, there’s also a blend of homeliness to the place that makes it less functional than it could otherwise have been.

Tombo is easy on the eye, tasty on your and not too harsh on your wallet, so it gets a big thumbs up.

Tombo Japanes Deli and Grill review: 4.5/5