We Are Klang live review

We are Klang - Greg Davies, Marek Larwood and Steve HallGreg Davies (Man Down), Steve Hall, Marek Larwood, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. On their own, they’re just ordinary comedians/actors. Together they are We Are Klang (except for the last two, although Davies did get a chance to work with Rik on Man Down before his sad death in 2014). Anyway, after the group’s first series on BBC 3 in 2009, which was ace, they are back together developing scripts for the second incarnation with a working title of The Klang Show.

Live at The Pleasance Theatre for a fiver, they spent the stint trying out some of their script ideas for the new show (yet to be approved by the powers that be at the BBC according to Hall, following the pilot on the 16th August 2010). Set in the smallest theatre room we’ve ever seen, it was a chance to get right in the face of the slapstick mental comedy trio as they play around with possible new bits for the show. While Greg Davies came out to warn everyone right at the beginning that what would follow would be a sack of wild monkey feces, there were more than enough moments of “comedy gold” to make it worth the fiver ticket price in the very least.

The only real disappointment was that it was way too short at just under an hour. Surely a couple of 45 minute stints with a 20 minute fag and booze break in the middle isn’t too much to ask for? It may have only been a fiver, but pull your finger out Davies you poor man’s excuse for a Susan Boyle blind date… you long legged Big Mac daddy… you real life reincarnation of Earl from ToeJam & Earl… you upside down prize winning spring onion…

Bits included Davies and Hall noshing on each other’s cucumber, Marek sucking on Greg’s man breasts (always funny) and a song about animal poo to close on (which, on a serious note, was fairly crappy). Some of the ideas were a lot funnier than others, but out of it all, there was definitely enough to warrant another series of Klang telly action, but sadly that has not come to pass as of yet, but there is a second series of Man Down to compensate a little, which featured Marek as an angry waiter.

We found it difficult to rate We Are Klang at The Pleasance Theatre as we would do ordinarily. We’re still too mad at Davies for not making it a longer show to retain any semblance of objectivity. He’s like a skip balancing on two planks of wood… like the stretched Ron Jeremy of the comedy world… like an overstuffed scarecrow… like a one man freak show… the love child of Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby… like a top heavy Mr Soft… like a peach jelly duck-taped to a couple of bamboo sticks… like a tooth-pic-legs wobble gut… like a mutated bouncy castle…

We love you Marek.

We Are Klang live review: 3.2/5

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