Wonder Woman Bloodlines DVD release date UK and when is it out on Blu-ray, iTunes and digital release

Wonder Woman Bloodlines DVD, Blu-Ray and digital release UK

DC Comics continues it’s Animated Movie Universe series this year with Diana Prince taking the lead role with the Wonder Woman Bloodlines DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date closing fast (details below). The series is very successful in its own right, but with the recent Gal Gadot smash on the big screen we’re expecting the 14th instalment of the DC AMU to be one of the most popular pre-orders on iTunes, Xbox ONE, PS4 and Amazon Video. 

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the DC Animated Movie Series will be getting a digital rental release if the situation for the other recent  films in the series is anything to go by. Reign of the Superman, for example, came out in January 2019 on DVD, Blu-ray and digital in the UK, but it isn’t available to rent, so at the moment the only way to see Wonder Woman Bloodlines is to buy it.

The story will be a prequel to the opening movie in the DC Animated Movie Universe, Justice League War, which kicked things off back in 2014. It also acts as the origin story for Wonder Woman, much in the same way as the Gal Gadot live action film did, so Amazon princess Diana of Themyscira will have the same dilemmas with fighter pilot Steve Trevor to save and the earth to protect from the all that threaten it.

However, where Wonder Woman 2017 focused on her more godly enemies, Bloodlines sees Diana going head to tiara-topped head with Villainy, Inc. In her determination to save a troubled girl who has fallen in with the wrong crowd she must face the likes of Doctor Poison, Princess Clea and Eviless.

DVD, Blu-ray, iTunes, Xbox ONE, PS4, Amazon and digital rental release date UK

Wonder Woman Bloodlines has been confirmed for a DVD and Blu-ray release date of Monday the 21st October 2019 in the UK. There wont be a 3D Blu-ray version of the film in the UK, nor 4K Ultra HD, however, it will be getting a turbo high def release in the US where it has more fans to buy the 4K version, making it a lot more worthwhile for Warner Bros.

The digital release on iTunes and Amazon Video will be a week or so earlier, but it is yet to be confirmed 100%. If that turns out to be the case then you can expect it to arrive on either the 7th or the 15th October. However, the Xbox ONE and PS4 digital release will be on the same date as the DVD and Blu-ray, and as mentioned above the rental option is doubtful.

The Bloodlines run time is 1 hour 22 minutes, with a file size of 3.38Gb at 1080p HD and 1.25Gb for standard definition. It’s one of the shortest films from the DC Animated Movie Universe, but it’s still advisable to check your PC, Mac, PS4 or Xbox ONE for storage space before you download the digital release. With iTunes and Amazon Video Prime there’s always the option just to stream if you’re low on space, but you’re guaranteed better definition and stability if you download the film.

You can follow DC Comics on its official Twitter page to see more on the home entertainment release at https://twitter.com/DCComics.

Wonder Woman Bloodlines age rating

The Wonder Woman Bloodlines age rating hasn’t yet been confirmed by the British Board of Film Classification in the UK, but The Reign of the Superman was given a 12A and Batman Hush picked up a 15. WWB should be more inline with Superman, rather that the more violent world of Batman and Gotham City, so we’re expecting it to be similar with moderate fantasy violence and threat.

We’ll add in more details about the age rating as they become available, but the information above should give you a good idea of what to expect from the home entertainment release.

You can see more on Wonder Woman Bloodlines on the DC Comics website at https://www.dccomics.com.