Andrew Collins and Josie Long show review, BBC 6 Music

Andrew Collins and Josie Long, BBC6 MusicWith the dysfunctional breakup of Andrew Collins and Richard Herring back in June 2011, Collins has had to go his own way in the DJ world. Luckily, he’s managed to find some help and the result is the Andrew Andrew Collins and Josie Long show on Saturday Mornings on BBC 6 Music.

Though the banter isn’t necessarily manically, or even maniacally, funny, it more than makes up for that with the music that it plays. Eclectic and almost always brilliant, Andrew Collins and Josie Long’s song choices are about as sure footed as it gets between the hours of 10am and 1pm on a Saturday.

However, if you take the music away and just opt to listen to the podcast you’ll find that things can get a little bit dull in parts. It’s not a train crash as such, but it definitely struggles to hold its own without the cushion of great music to break it up with.

While there are positives to the show don’t expect it to be the most exciting radio you’ve ever heard. However, it’s the perfect late Saturday morning comfort blanket with good music and random chat. The only really annoying part of the show is whenever Josie breaks into a poor man’s impression of Russell Brand, putting on a voice and attitude that’s similar, but without the sharp scythe of whit.

On every Saturday, it’s a pretty decent constant to follow up a big week with and if you miss the show it’s available to listen to on iPlayer for seven days after it’s on air. You can also download the podcast from iTunes and the BBC 6 Music website at, but as mentioned above, this isn’t a patch on the live show.

Andrew Collins and Josie Long’s BBC6 Music show review: 3.7/5

The Andrew Collins and Josie Long show has now come to an end on BBC Radio 6 Music. The final airing took place on the 17th December 2011, which provided just under half a year for the partnership. The 10am Saturday morning slot is currently being fronted by Edith Bowman