Bad Boys For Life DVD, Blu-ray, digital, rental and 4K release date UK

Bad Boys 3 UK DVD Blu-ray 4K digital and rental release

2020 is a huge year for comebacks and one of the first will be the arrival of the Bad Boys 3, Bad Boys For Life DVD, Blu-ray, digital, rental and 4K UK release date (details below). Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett haven’t had an adventure together since 2003, and while that’s nowhere near the layaway for Maverick with Top Gun 2 scheduled for the summer, it’s still a long time out of action.

Long breaks between films don’t always go well, though, as we saw recently with the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, but then it’ll have another crack of the whip in the summer with Ghostbusters Afterlife. Bad Boys For Life will only have this one chance to pull things around without going all Creed on the franchise at a later date, but with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the lead roles the DVD, Blu-ray and digital release should do well enough.

The story picks up with the duo fifteen years later with the duo drifting apart as their work and personal life have send them in different directions. However, when a cartel boss puts a hit on Mike, the Bad Boys tag team must put their troubles behind them, join forces and face off against the Miami mob boss brother of Johnny Tapia, who the detectives took down in a permanent way in Bad Boys II. 

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are the biggest names in the cast, which is sort of as you’d expect. However, the trailer below does introduce a trio of young cadets into the mix, as well as returning comedy gold from Joe Pantoliano as Captain Conrad Howard, so they’ve got a little support along the way to help bring back the magic of the first two films for the 2020 release of the threequel. 

When is the DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, iTunes, digital and rental release date UK?

The Bad Boys 3 UK DVD and Blu-ray release date is expected in early May 2020. It’s the year’s first big action flick and with Will Smith in the two-man driving seat it should also get a 4K Ultra HD release on the same date as the DVD and Blu-ray.

It’ll be out on digital to buy with a release date two weeks earlier than the DVD, so it’ll be on iTunes, Amazon Video, PS4, Xbox ONE, Google Play and YouTube in mid-late April 2020. Only the HD digital version will get the special features bundled with it, and we’ll share more details on the film extras once they’re confirmed.

If you’re only planning to go for the rental release then you’re looking at the same date as the DVD, Blu-ray and 4K comes out, but it won’t include any of the bonus content.

Bad Boys For Life runtime and digital file size

The 3rd entry is what has become the Bad Boys trilogy has a runtime of 2 hours and 4 minutes, which is a little longer than the first film, but a good twenty minutes shorter than BBII. This will give it a digital file size of approximately 5.1 Gb at 1080p HD, and 2.14 GB in standard definition.

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Age rating and parents guide

Bad Boys 3 has a UK age rating of 15, certified by the British Board of Film Classification, the same as the second film, but a step down on the 18 of the original movie. The trailer below shows off a little of the action, but clearly there’s going to be more in the film release itself. Expect a lot of bullets to fly, a fair few punch ups and drugs with the cartel at the heart of their troubles.

The parents guide notes are strong bloody violence, language and crude humour, so this is going to pull very few punches.

Cinema release date

Bad Boys For Life has a cinematic release date of Friday 17th January 2020, which is sort of a quiet time for filmgoers, but maybe the idea is to get clear window at the box office. The only other big film out that weekend is Academy Award hopeful Bombshell, so it should be able to take the number one spot in the UK, as long as the residual interest in Sam Mendes WWI drama 1917 isn’t too big.

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It’s easy to be cynical about long gap sequels like Bad Boys For Life, but the trailer sets things up well for the final film in the trilogy. It’s slick and there’s good action. The comedy continues on from where things left off in 2003 and with positive reviews it should be a big DVD, Blu-ray, 4K and digital release.