Benny Loves KillingThere are hundreds of independent films that are released every year and the majority of them are genuine attempts to push the boundaries of cinematography. Benny Loves Killing does exactly that with its instantly uneasy drama and nerve jangling juxtaposition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The cause of the unnerving feeling that cuts its way through the storyline is the horror movie style of filming. Eyes of the killer camera angles combine with jarring movements and a personal space invading sense of proximity to the characters to make Benny Loves Killing so gripping.

Even the title draws you into the sensation that at any moment the story of Benny’s troubled film student life could take a savage twist into much darker waters. However, as Benny struggles with a drugs dependency, her relationship with her unstable mother and her ongoing transience, there’s more than enough harrowing reality to fill the film, which is made all the more jagged by the film techniques used.

Pauline Cousty brings a lot of intensity to the loose hinges of Benny, with an impressive performance from Canelle Hoppé as her heroin addled mother.

Benny Loves Killing is a frightening slice of reality that feels like it could fly off into terrifying directions at any time, which is why it won the 2012 Best Horror Film award at the Oregon Independent Film Festival, despite the fact that it’s not strictly speaking a horror.

Benny Loves Killing review: 3.8/5