Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy video for I See a Darkness

Bonnie 'Prince' BillyThe new video for the re-recorded version of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s I See a Darkness is amazingly mental. With BPB strutting around town like a cross between a country and western singer, a Big Issue seller and the ghostly reincarnation of a Colonel Custer, the video takes a turn for the oddball even further when everyone’s eyes go funny.

The release of the I See a Darkness video is a preview of the upcoming Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy EP Now Here’s My Plan that will include the track. The EP is a collection of BPB’s best hits, which have been re-recorded by Steve Albini.


Due for release on CD, 12″ vinyl and digital download through Domino Records on the 24th July 2012, the EP will initially be released as an accompaniment to the Will Oldham on Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy book.

The Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy video for the new incarnation of I See a Darkness was directed by Bill Burman and the song was recorded Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Emmett Kelly, Danny Kiely and Angel. It’s freaky and funny in equal measure, making a pretty cool re-introduction to BPB.