It Chapter 2 DVD release date UK and when is it out on iTunes, digital and rental

It Chapter 2 UK DVD Blu-ray digital and rental release

With Halloween fast approaching it’s horror season, but you’ll have to wait a while for the It Chapter 2 DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date (UK details below), which won’t be until early 2020. It’s the second part of the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s classic clown horror and while it looks like it’s going to miss Christmas, it’ll still be big on iTunes, Xbox ONE, PS4 and Amazon Video, along with digital rental when it comes out. 

It follows on from Chapter I, which had its release in early September 2018. The second half of the story will be out on the big screen around the same time this year pathing the way for a potential Halloween double bill at cinemas to see the two films back-to-back. They’re definitely meant to be watched together to complete the story, so there’s bound to be a box set double DVD, Blu-ray and digital release to go with the standard home entertainment options.

As with the 1990 miniseries, the first half of the film focused on The Losers Club’s first encounter with Pennywise the Dancing Clown when they were kids growing up in Derry, Maine. The upcoming release tracks forward 27 years for It’s next return from hibernation as he once again preys on the children of the town to feed his insidious hunger for fear.

Some pretty big names have been added to the cast with James McAvoy (Dark Phoenix) playing the now grown up Bill Denbrough, Jessica Chastain (also in Dark Phoenix) as Beverley and Bill Hader (The Angry Birds Movie 2) as Ritchie. Bill Skarsgård is back as the evil clown following on from his strong performance in the role the first time around where he did a very good job of stamping his own mark on the character made famous by Tim Curry.

DVD, iTunes, Xbox ONE, PS4, Amazon and digital rental release date UK

The It Chapter 2 DVD and Blu-ray release date is expected end of December 2019 / early January 2020 in the UK, but it could well opt to go early due to Christmas, so we’ll update with more details as we get closer. The first film didn’t get a 3D Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD release in the UK, so that could well be the case again for the second film, however, the we’ll be surprised if there isn’t 4K this time around.

The digital release on iTunes, Xbox ONE, PS4 and Amazon Video will be a week or so earlier, so that should arrive mid-December, just in time for Christmas scares. However, the digital rental release will be on the same date as the DVD and Blu-ray, so you’re looking at either the last week of December or the first week of January.

It Chapter 2 has a runtime is 2 hour 49 minutes, so it’s going to be one unholy beast of a film, which will translate over to the digital file size, so expect it to be in the region of 6Gb at 1080p HD and 2.6Gb standard definition. That’s almost double much shorter films, so you’re definitely going to want to check your PC, Mac, PS4 or Xbox ONE hard drives for storage space before you download.

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UK cinema release date

It Chapter 2 will be coming out in cinemas in the UK on Friday the 6th September 2019, which is exactly the same as the release date in the US. It’s a very quiet week for new film and there isn’t anything else out in the same week that might challenge the horror flick for the box office crown. Previously released movies on in cinemas at the moment like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw came out some time ago so they probably won’t be able to hold it off the top spot either.

It should be a similar story for the DVD, Blu-ray, digital and rental release with little else out around the same time. It may not be the biggest window of opportunity, but it’s perfectly placed to make the most of it.

It Chapter 2 age rating

The It Chapter 2 age rating is 15 in the UK with parents guide notes from the British Board of Film Classification that includes strong gory violence, horror, bad language and discrimination. The first film also picked up a 15 classification with strong horror, violence and bad language to be aware, so the discrimination is a new addition in the second part.

We’ll add in more details about the film as they become available, but the information above should give you a good idea of what to expect from the home entertainment release.

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