Jumanji 2 The Next Level DVD, Blu-ray, digital, rental and 4K Ultra HD release date UK

Jumanji 2 The Next Level DVD Blu-ray digital rental 4K release date UK

Jumanji 2 The Next Level hits the big screen in December 2019, so you’re going to have to wait until 2020 for the DVD, Blu-ray, digital, rental and 4K Ultra HD release date for the UK (see details below). Despite the Holiday release window for the cinematic run there isn’t much in the way of seasonal spirit to the film, but with Dwayne Johnson leading the cast it doesn’t really need tinsel and mince pies to work well with a Christmas release. 

However, it looks like it’s going to be throwing something new into a tried and tested formula, which is always going to be risky. Instead of it being a simple return to the Jumanji game world for the young characters from the initial reboot, there’s a significant switch around in terms of the avatars in the game with Spencer’s grandad Eddie Gilpin (Danny DeVito) and his friend Milo (Danny Glover) getting in the mix.

The good news though is that everyone from the Welcome to the Jungle cast is back, even if it is all change in terms of the avatars that they play. You can see them all in action in the trailer below. It puts a lot of emphasis on the older side of the cast, but that isn’t entirely the case for the film overall, so it won’t entirely be a case of Jumanji meets Cocoon.

The story for Jumanji 2 is that Spencer repairs Jumanji after it got messed up by Fridge at the end of the first film, but gets zapped into the game world once again when he brings it back to life. His grandfather and his best bud Milo, along with Spencer’s friends Bethany, Fridge and Martha head on in after him, kicking off yet another hairy adventure in the undergrowth.

DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, iTunes or digital rental in the UK?

The Jumanji 2 The Next Level DVD and Blu-ray release date is expected in mid April 2020, which should give it the double of coming out in cinemas for Christmas and then the home entertainment release around Easter. The first film was also released on 3D Blu-ray, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here, which is a shame. However, it will be ported to 4K Ultra HD.

You’ll be able to buy the film first with the digital release on iTunes, Amazon, PS4 and Xbox ONE in the UK. It’ll be out a couple of weeks before DVD and Blu-ray, so you can expect it to arrive in early April 2020.

If you’re only planning to rent the film, the digital rental release will be the same as the DVD and Blu-ray, but it won’t come with any of the special features or bonus content that comes with buying the film.

Runtime and digital file size

Jumanji 2 has a runtime of 2 hours and 3 minutes, which is fairly long for a family film, but then Welcome to the Jungle was nearly two hours long too. With such a hefty runtime that will have an impact on the digital file size, which should be 5 GB at 1080p HD, depending on the volume of special features, and 2.2 GB in standard definition.

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Age rating and parents guide

The Next Level has been given an age rating of 12A by the British Board of Film Classification in the UK, which is the same as Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle. The trailer looks fairly innocuous, but there was a good amount of moderate violence and threat in the first film. The BBFC parents guide notes only refer to moderate violence for 2, so it should be similar to its predecessor.

Cinema release date

Jumanji 2 The Next Level has a UK release date of the 13th December 2019, so it’s really chancing it’s luck on the big screen. However, it doesn’t have any significant competition out on the same weekend, so it’s pretty much guaranteed the #1 spot for a week until Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker arrives to dominate the rest of the holidays.

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There’s probably a bit too much emphasis on the new additions to the cast in the trailer, but it still lands well as a setup to the film. It’s not that the addition of Danny Glover and Danny DeVito is anything other than cool. It’s more that there’s not enough space left to feature enough of the original cast, so the continuation from Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle doesn’t come through as well as it could. It doesn’t sound like that’s the case with the film, so fingers crossed it just turns out to be a trailer weighting thing.