New Justice League trailer shows Ciarán Hinds as Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf Justice League 2017A new 3-minute Justice League trailer has landed and it gives us our first look at Ciarán Hinds in the main bad guy role as Steppenwolf. Calling the character a bad guy kind of dumbs him down a little as he’s one of the New Gods from the planet Apokolips with an army of flying Parademons at his command, so he’s going to be pretty formidable.

You don’t get to see all that much of him, so clearly Zach Snyder and team are still saving the best of the action for the film’s release date in November. The trailer itself focuses mostly on the heroes of the film, with a introductory section on Superman, but the reveal of Steppenwolf is the coolest thing about it.

Justice League Heroes trailer:

He stands pretty tall in his traditional helmet and armour and you can see him wielding his huge, super-powered battle axe a couple of times, so he’s going to be pretty recognisable to fans of the New Gods DC comics. There are only a couple of decent appearances to look out for, with the first around 1:07 as he touches down with a huge blow an the second is at 1:55 as he’s seen fighting with Wonder Woman. He also crops up for a microsecond at the 1:52 mark smashing Aquaman into a massive column.

He looks changed somewhat from the Kryptonian hologram that Lex Luthor was seen communicating to in the cut scene from the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The scene had previously hinted at the mother boxes that Steppenwolf will be searching for in the upcoming film.

The rest of the trailer is a combination of action sequences and comedy dialogue, following up on the teary opening featuring what looks like a dream sequence with Louis Lane and Clarke Kent. It quickly turns into a dark times sequence as the world is left facing violence, acts of war and terrorism following the Man Of Steel’s checkout at the end of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Clearly, there’s an attempt at ambiguity for the entire beginning of the trailer, as we’re meant to be left second guessing how Superman will be incorporated in Justice League. Will he remain a whisper of gravity on the dust of his coffin or will he be getting a full reincarnation to arrive just in time to deal with the threat of Steppenwolf.

The scene with Wonder Woman standing on the shoulders of Lady Justice is a bit of a cliche, and looks a bit fake if we’re being honest. Equally, Aquaman doesn’t always cover himself in glory, especially his “yeah” shout as he surfs the streets on the top of the Batmobile, but we’re hoping it’s just a blip for the sake of the Aquaman movie.

Cyborg has some pretty cool sequences, so Ray Fisher could be one of the stars to watch out for. Equally, it looks like Barry Allen is going to be the main source of comedy in the film, which distracts a little from the suit he’s been given to wear, which looks a lot less cool than the rest of the Justice League.

Finally, the Heroes trailer shows a very short preview of some of the alien technology that the team will be facing. In addition to the winged killers that are the Parademons, there’s also some powerful tentacles reaching out for Batman around the 2:32 point and the funky ships around 1:17 look pretty dangerous too.

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