Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Team Galactic HQ door key – Shining Pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Team Galactic HQ door key Shining Pearl

Here’s our guide to getting the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Team Galactic HQ door key, which will show you how to open the door and get into their headquarters building. It’s located in the north-east of Veilstone City and looks a bit like some kind of secret government space observation facility from the outside.

You’ll get to the HQ first if you do a little exploring when you enter the city in a bid to get the third gym badge from Maylene. It comes after you have to ditch Fantima in Hearthome City for the time being until you get strong enough to be able to unlock her.

However, even after you complete the Veilstone City gym, you will still be stuck with no key in sight for the door inside the Team Galactic HQ. The reason for this is that there are certain unlock steps you need to get to before you’ll be able to get inside the building and one of those steps involves first finding a key for another location before you get to storm the headquarters.

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How to unlock the process to get into the Team Galactic HQ

The reality is that you’ll need to advance a fair way further in the game before you can even start the process to get into the headquarters building. The point that this becomes available is after you’ve picked up the 7th gym badge, which is in Snowpoint City.

After this, you’ll be directed to go to the lake just outside the city and once you’ve done that you’ll then be sent to Veilstone City to confront Team Galactic. If you’re not too sure how to get to Snowpoint City, you can check out the main points in the video below.

For the most part, the game talks you through everything that you need to do to advance in the game, but there are a few points that might be a little confusing, but this kind of depends on where you are in the story campaign. If you’ve got six gym badges and you just need to tick off the ice gym then the video above will see you through for everything you need to do to get the key to the HQ inner door, so you can skip ahead to the next section.

However, if you’ve only just discovered the Team Galactic building, and you want some more pointers on how to advance then stick around for a bit more detail. After you beat the Veilstone City gym, you’ll then need to head south to Pastoria City, which is a relatively straightforward process of following the objective prompts on the map.

This will see you taking on the gym leader there and after that it starts to get a little more difficult to know what you’re meant to do next. However, the next step is to head into the Pokémon Safari game and talk to the guy close to the entrance to get the Defog TM hidden move.

With this in the bag, you can then talk to the Team Galactic Grunt outside the Safari game and chase him until you run him out of the city and area entirely with a final battle. Just north of this location, you’ll have a chat with Cynthia, who will give you some medicine to treat the Psyduck blocking Route 209.

You can then take this route all the way to Celestic Town to talk to Cynthia’s nanny, who will give you the Surf TM hidden move and tell you that you are now strong enough to take on the Heartholm City Gym. Once you complete this, you can use Surf to get to Canalave City and pick up the 6th gym badge and start the process of checking on the lakes.

After the first two, you’ll then be directed north to the lake to the west of Snowpoint City and this will lead to the ice gym battle. From here you can pick things up with the video above, although, if you have difficulty witht eh giant snowballs, you can get some tips on how to make it through the Snowpoint City Gym puzzle with the link at the bottom of the page. Once you pick up the 7th badge, you can carry on with the section below.

How to get the Team Galactic HQ door key

Once you complete the 7th gym badge, you’ll then be directed the lake west of Snowpoint, but this will be a short stop-off, which will then send you back to Veilstone City with the map objective to go to the Team Galactic HQ. When you get there, talk to the grunt outside and they’ll run away, leaving the Storage Key behind and mentioning something about the warehouse.

If you’ve tried this key on the HQ door, you’ll know that it isn’t used to open it. Instead, it will open the door inside the warehouse over on the other side of Veilstone City. Once inside the warehouse, you’ll head down some stairs to a secret Team Galactic labyrinth underneath the city.

Head to the right and keep going past all of the grunts that you need to battle until you come to a set of stairs leading upwards. If you get lost or you’re not sure what part of the headquarters we’re talking about, you can follow along with the guide video below.

Go up the stairs and up the next set in the room beyond, and then you can circle around to the left to the teleport spots. The one on the right will take you to a room with the Scald TM, but the left portal will lead to a series of teleports that give you another set of stairs to go up.

At the top of these, don’t go straight up again, instead use the teleport and the go downstairs and the head left – battling the scientist along the way – and this will lead you to another set of stairs to go down. This is one of the areas in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl where it’s easy to get lost, so the video above might come in handy.

In the room at the bottom of the stairs you’ll find the TM sludge bomb first, but if you continue past this you find another pickup and this is the Galactic Key. Once you’ve finished exploring the rest of the warehouse area for more pickups, you can then make your way back to the Team Galactic HQ and use the key to open the door, puttin you on a collision course with its boss in the process.

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