Splatoon 2 Splat Zones tips

Splatoon 2 Splat Zones tipsSplatoon 2 Ranked Battle Splat Zones is all about territory, but if you want to win enough matches to move up the ranks you’ll need more than just practice. There’s as much strategy to winning Splat Zones as there is frenetic action, so you’ll need both to be able to boss the arena and rack up the ranking points needed to get anywhere near A+ or S.

While there’s a lot of emphasis on the quality of the rest of your teammates, and the relative strength of the opposition, these factors normally even out over time. However, if you follow our tips below, and grind out the practice time, you should put yourself in a good position to increase your win could and pick up more wins than losses.

Splat Zones tips video run-through:

Top 10 Splat Zones tips:

1. Sub weapons a go go – fire your Sub weapons at key moments to push for and retain advantage. It’s good to use them at the start of the game to confuse the opposition and take a few of them out, letting you take the Splat Zones early on. They can also be used to keep them at bay when they launch their attack, so they can really help you to keep things stacked in your favour.

2. Stealth machine – becoming a stealth machine can really help you to get more Splats and stop you from getting done in yourself. When your team has a Splat Zone you can hide in a good position to pounce on them when they try to take it back. Equally, if you can sneak up on the other team when they have the Zone, or when you’re battling it out at the beginning then you should be able to get in more splats.

3. Round the enemy – this follows on from the previous tip, as its all about getting around them to cause more damage. If you can get behind them or to the side then there’s less chance they’ll see you coming.

4. Prime Your special weapon – whether you’re stealth lurking or about to wade in with your own attack, laying down ink to charge up your Special weapon will mean you’ve got it to use whenever you need it. If you can time it tocoincide with other members of your team when you’re trying to take a Splat Zone then you should be able to leave the opposition in disarray or obliterate them entirely.

5. Press for the advantage – once you’re in command it can pay off to press into the other team’s side to Splat them before they can even get close to the Splat Zone. Combine stealth, Sub and Special attacks to keep them pegged in.

6. Keep the clock ticking – Splat Zones is all about that timer, so you need to keep an eye on it to ensure it’s ticking in your favour more than the opposition’s. Pressing for the advantage will help with this, but the point is to be aware of the clock as much as possible.

7. Run from a combined Special attack – just as you’re going to use your Special weapon to clear the decks and cause mayhem, the other team will be looking to do the same, so you need to be ready to retreat and return to the Splat Zones with precision timing. This is especially true when they unleash their Specials all at the same time.

8. Use high ground to launch an attack – this is pretty self explanatory, but in general the tip is to use high ground to attack and defend. Not only does it give you the advantage of appearing as if from nowhere, but it also means you’ll be able to see enemies coming, so you can react better to them.

9. Watch out for lurkers – these are basically your opposition numbers who are also planning on being stealth machines, or those dreaded snipers. They’re going to be camped on your base doorstep at times, but they could easily be hiding in high ground or just out of sight if they’ve got the Splat Zone, so keep an eye out for their ink and any ripples that you can see. If there’s a sniper in position, then try to use your stealth, outflank and press tactics to give them as tough a time as possible.

10. Use obstacle to protect against an attack – they can’t hit you if there’s something in the way, so look out for any obstacles that you can use along the way. Check our video tips above to see a few examples.

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