Stranger Things when will it end – Final season confirmed

If you’ve powered your way through to the most recent episode of Stranger Things you might be wondering when will it end. Just when you thought you’d joined all of the dots, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers throw in a curve ball and they’ve done it again with the final season now confirmed.

Stranger Things when will it end - Final season confirmed

It’s been an incredible Season 4 and the good news is that the 80s sci-fi horror genius isn’t going to end with Volume 2 when it lands on the 1st July. If that isn’t enough good news, the season finale will be a massive 2 hours and nine minutes long with 001 making what might be his final stand and the possible reintroduction of the Mind Flayer.

However, sadly, it’s not all good news as the last season has now been confirmed to be number 5, which is the next one. Yes, the world of Stranger Things will come to a close after one more season, so if you track that forward from now there’s probably only another eleven or twelve episodes to go.

How does the Final Season announcement affect Stranger Things S4 Volume 2

The confirmation of when Stranger Things will come to an end has pretty big implications for the final two episodes of Season 4. To begin with, it means that the story isn’t going to rush things for the climax.

There was a lot of speculation about Season 4 maybe being a surprise culmination to the Netflix streaming extravaganza, but now we know there’s a lot more breathing room. This means that it has way more scope to play around with how the story comes to an end.

If you look back on the last three seasons, there’s a fairly clear formula that each and every one of them has followed and we’re expecting it to be the same for Season 5. This starts with strange things going bump in the night, followed by the reveal of the monster and a fight to save it with Eleven doing the lion’s share of the heavy lifting.

If you track that forward for the final season, it means that whatever happens in Volume 2 should allow for the possibility of this. To do that the Hawkins gang will need to feel as though they’ve sort of solved things once again, defeated 001 and maybe even the Mind Flayer.

It’s definitely possible that Netflix and the Duffer Brothers might break this habit a little, but it would go against the grain of everything that has gone before it. Maybe El and the team will only be able to shut down Vecna and his inter-dimensional portal mind tricks, which would allow them to stick with the theme still.

Without 001/Vecna/Henry Creel to connect to our world, Dustin and the rest of the Hellfire Club will assume that they’ve drawn a line under thing, especially if they manage to get Joyce and Hopper back. This will be misguided and there will be a reveal of some new possibility in credits of Episode 9 and that will tee things up nicely for Season 5.

Obviously, there won’t be a teaser at the end of the last episode, but by that stage we should get a satisfying conclusion to all of the fun and madness. However, if you’re a Dungeons and Dragons fan with roots in the 80s there might be a nagging suspicion that the Stranger Things ending might not be as happy as you hope.

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How might Season 5 end?

The nagging suspicion comes from the brilliant, but tragic 80s cartoon, Dungeons and Dragons. The show featured a group of teens from our world that were transported to another realm when they all rode the Dungeons and Dragons ride.

It doesn’t take much to spot the similarities with Stranger Things and the Upside Down, but the bad news for the characters that we all know and love is that the cartoon ended in them staying in the dark realm. The counterargument to this is that the show was cancelled before it actually got a chance to air the season finale for the 3rd entry of the TV series.

However, the reality is that the show would have gone on to end with a choice for the kids where they could either return home or stay in the real of Dungeons and Dragons to continue to find evil. If that’s the case for Stranger Things then one or more of the characters might relocate to the alternate dimension to keep earth safe with Eleven being the most likely candidate.

This is just a wild and speculative theory, so don’t take it too seriously. Maybe the end will just be defeat for the Mind Flayer once and for all and freedom from the Upside Down for Hawkins and the rest of the world.

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