The Dark Knight Rises trailer and release date

The Dark Knight RisesJust as The Dark Knight was all about the cinematic portrayal of The Joker, so The Dark Knight Rises will be all about Bane. A relative newcomer to the Batman comic-strip storyline, making his first appearance in 1993, he is also the only dark man to have broken the bat, which will inevitably be recreated in The Dark Knight Rises.

Though the trailer looks like it might lack some of the intensity of The Dark Knight, it is set to star Tom Hardy as Bane, who has been very convincing in previous roles like Bronson. He’s also set to reprieve the Mad Max storyline in Fury Road, but the reality is that Heath Ledger left pretty big boots for him to fill with the third instalment of the Batman Begins trilogy.


The Dark Knight Rises will see Christian Bale returning as Batman, as well as Gary Oldman as Police Commissioner Gordon. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman will be back too leaving the big questions for the film on the performance of Hardy as Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises UK release date is the 20th July 2012 and if the trailer is anything to go on the jury is going to be out until the last moment. The storyline has the most testing time for Bruce Wayne, following large aspects of the Knightfall series in which Bane made his first appearance, breaking Batman’s back in the process. Looking at the teaser posters for the film (image above) The Dark Knight Rises will also see him fall, but will it be enough to finish the trilogy well?