Rendezvous, The Murf video

Rendezvous, The Murf videoAn epic new video from Rendezvous for the release of their single, The Murf, which you can watch below, is hands down one of the best of the New Year period, combining surreal sci-fi animation with infectious electro melodies. Charting the history of the universe and the future of mankind, the clever animation is built up around the slick delivery of the track, which has got instrumental comparisons with Daft Punk’s hit Digital Love.

There’s also the feel of the brilliance of the music video for Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), which was easily the video of the year in 2004 and Rendezvous’ new vid has done the same for 2012. The Murf is futuristic with a little funk bass and an off kilter fleck or two of Brian Eno every now and again to deliver a sharp electro track that will feel ahead of its time for years to come.


The slow motion animation on the hang gliding man is massively captivating and the striking fire-stone scene is class, building on the unique style of the video. It all shakes out to the climax with humans having to escape from Earth before a meteor hits in amazingly stylised space pods, which is sort of an inevitability eventually if we’re ever to go on, by the way, as our sun will burn out in about 5 billion years time. If we haven’t got amazing escape pods developed by then we’d be a pretty lame bunch.

The visuals aren’t all that detailed, favouring a minimalist wood-cut style, but they’re wrapped together with impressive layers that build up the impact the video has. The treatment of light is stunning with some very sharp explosions and light movements to signify big moments in the history of earth with everything from the meteorite impact that is widely considered to have wiped out the dinosaurs to the computer screens that detect the next extermination level event collision as it’s detected by a futuristic human race.

The song itself is build on a rapid stream percussion beat with interlacing synth melodies rising up and out of the track’s hull, intertwining slightly as they transition in and out. It ties in perfectly with the video, sounding almost magical and inspired as humans discover fire and the wheel, becoming portentous and foreboding when we spot the meteorite approaching earth and building to a focused industry as we rally together to work on the escape plan.

The Murf single came out at the end of 2011, a little before the video’s release by the band, and it acted as a prelude to the release of Rendezvous’ latest album, Another Round Please. Out on the 24th February 2012 on Rough Trade and Moot Records, it continued the electro love fest that’s done so well on the track.

The Murf music video:

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