The Sherlock Series 4 trailer looks dark and action-packed

Sherlock Series 4 trailerAs the year starts to draw to a close, we’re getting closer and closer to the arrival of Sherlock Series 4 and with arrival of the teaser trailer earlier in the year (check it out below if you missed it), we know a little bit more about what could be the final series for the show. While the trailer throws up as many question as it teases answers, it does give us an initial glimpse of what to expect and it would appear that the upcoming series is going to be the darkest to-date.

Talking at Comic-Con, the cast confirmed that things are going to get pretty emotionally fraught for all of them, including the usually unfazed Sherlock. His mind palace escapades in The Abominable Bride Christmas Special may have appeared a little frail on the surface, but clearly Sherlock knew something big was coming and the teaser trailer below adds even more weight to the sense that there’s a building storm on the horizon for the inhabitants of 221b Baker Street.


In addition to the darker elements, there’s also a lot of fast-paced action to the Sherlock Series 4 teaser trailer, which looks like it crosses over into SPECTRE territory, which we’re convinced builds the case for Benedict Cumberbatch taking over as Bond in the not too distant future. There’s guns, cars, fighting and explosions galore, along with the presence of a sinister supervillain, set to be played by Toby Jones, and while the girl count is on the low side, the comparisons are still fairly significant.

Sherlock Series 4 trailer:

There’s a lot of speculation online about what the various scenes actually mean, especially with the cryptic word clues Smith, Sherrinford and Thatcher delivered by the cast at Comic-Con 2016, but we’ll have to wait until the series airs in 2017 to know for sure. John sat in front of a hospital bed is perhaps the most worrying section of the trailer, coming on the back of so much gun-play. However, the fact that we already know that the Watson’s are expecting the arrival of their first baby could explain his presence in hospital, but if we were to make a wager we’d say there’s something more to it than a nervous, expectant dad in hospital.

While we know for sure that Toby Jones will be in the fray, there’s still only speculation in terms of Mariarty, who features briefly at the beginning of the teaser trailer. What’s interesting is that even Sherlock himself seems baffled on a number of occasions in the video, so whatever it is that’s coming, it’s managed to outsmart the consulting detective, and by the look of things it’s deep beneath his skin.

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