The Woman In Black UK tour

The Woman In Black UK tourYou don’t get that much horror at the theatres, but the upcoming UK your for The Woman In Black is set to bring the sensory fright fest to a theatre near you. Having been a huge hit on the West End since it’s debut in in 1989, it’s now getting a huge regional coverage starting out in Leeds this week (25th October 2016) and taking in Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle – to name just a few – before closing out in Cardiff in June 2016. You can see all of the tour dates and locations below.

Tickets and show times

Tickets prices and show times vary a little between all of the theatres that are included in the UK tour of The Woman In Black. Prices range from the £9.50 mark for the cheapest tickets up to around £30 for the more expensive tickets, making it is reasonably priced play. Show times are mostly 7:30pm for the evening performance and 2:30pm for the matinees, but you might want to check the specifics with your local theatre.



The play is an adaptation of the 1983 horror novella, The Woman In Black, by Susan Hill. The stage play was written by Stephen Mellatratt, with the story converted into a play within a play as lawyer Arthur Kipps rehearses with a young actor in a bid to retell the ghostly events of his trip to Eel Marsh House. Overcome with fear at the thought of the curse he believes is upon him, he sets out to recount to dark tale to his friends and family to exorcise the grim shadow of the Woman In Black from his life.


As with all performances of the play, the cast is a two man job with David Acton playing Arthur Kipps and Matthew Spencer starring as The Actor. The duo had a brief stint in the roles at the London show at the Fortune Theatre in August 2016 before being replaced by the new London cast, Malcolm James as Arthur Kipps and Matt Connor as The Actor

The Woman In Black UK tour dates 2016/2017:

West Yorkshire Playhouse – 25th Oct 2016 – 29th Oct 2016
Canterbury Marlowe – 1st Nov 2016 – 5th Nov 2016
Liverpool Playhouse – 7th Nov 2016 – 12th Nov 2016
Exeter Northcott Theatre – 14th Nov 2016 – 19th Nov 2016
Bath Theatre Royal – 21st Nov 2016 – 26th Nov 2016
Aylesbury Waterside – 29th Nov 2016 – 3rd Dec 2016
Southend Palace – 9th Jan 2017 – 14th Jan 2017
Glasgow King’s Theatre – 17th Jan 2017 – 21st Jan 2017
Cheltenham Everyman – 23rd Jan 2017 – 28th Jan 2017
Leicester Curve – 30th Jan 2017 – 4th Feb 2017
Hereford Courtyard – 6th Feb 2017 – 11th Feb 2017
Aberdeen Performing Arts – 14th Feb 2017 – 18th Feb 2017
Nottingham Theatre Royal – 20th Feb 2017 – 25th Feb 2017
Torquay Princess Theatre – 28th Feb 2017 – 4th Mar 2017
Belfast Grand Opera House – 7th Mar 2017 – 11th Mar 2017
Dublin Gaiety Theatre – 13th Mar 2017 – 18th Mar 2017
Salford Lowry – 20th Mar 2017 – 25th Mar 2017
Portsmouth New Theatre Royal – 27th Mar 2017 – 1st Apr 2017
Bromley Churchill Theatre – 3rd Apr 2017 – 8th Apr 2017
Woking New Victoria – 11th Apr 2017 – 15th Apr 2017
Norwich Theatre Royal – 18th Apr 2017 – 22nd Apr 2017
Newcastle Theatre Royal – 24th Apr 2017 – 29th Apr 2017
Inverness Eden Court – 1st May 2017 – 6th May 2017
Cast Doncaster – 8th May 2017 – 13th May 2017
Wolverhampton Grand Theatre – 22nd May 2017 – 27th May 2017
Cardiff New Theatre – 6th Jun 2017 – 10th Jun 2017


The UK tour is being directed by Robin Herford, with Michael Holt as the stage designer, Kevin Sleep as the lighting designer and Gareth Owen as the sound designer.

First impressions

If you haven’t seen The Woman In Black play, and you like a dark fright or two, then the UK tour i definitely one to catch. It’s been running continuously in London for 27 years now, and the touring dates makes it a great opportunity to watch the production if  you’re outside of London.


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