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Wooded Kingdom Super Mario OdysseyDepending on what choice you made at the end of Sand Kingdom, you’ll either take on Wooded Kingdom as your third or fourth mini adventure in Super Mario Odyssey. Our Wooded Kingdom guide will take you through the main objectives in the forest and set you up to be able to pick up enough Power Moons to progress to the next Kingdom.

It’ll also answer some of your big questions, like how many Moons are there and what’s the deal with the Deep Woods. Whether you’re taking Wooded Kingdom on after Tostarena or Lake Lamode, it’ll still feel like a good sized step up in terms of scale and challenge, so get set for some rambling in the undergrowth. You can also follow along with our walkthrough and all Purple Coins videos below.


Wooded Kingdom objectives

To start with, you’re first objective will be to make it through the opening section into the rest of the Wooded Kingdom, which is a bit of a theme of Super Mario Odyssey. You’ll start out in a forest glade where the Crazy Cap store is and the route through to the rest of the Kingdom will require you to make it to the Sphynx in the top left hand corner of the area. To progress, you’ll just need to answer its questions and then you’ll be able to run down the tunnel to see the full size of Kingdom.

Once you’ve done this, you’re next objective will be to take down the Broodals, which requires a long journey up through Iron Road Bridge. At the top you’ll have a large Piranha Plant to take out, which will free you up to hit the blue switch. This triggers a flower bridge, which eventually takes you up to Sky Garden Tower. At the top of here you’ll face Spewart, the poison sick barfing Broodal that acts as the first boss in Wooded Kingdom.

Next up you’ll need to continue to climb up to the top of the Kingdom thanks to the arrival of the tanks, which let you open up the path upwards. When you get to the top, you’ll need to use the tanks to destroy the Bowser apparatus, which will take you through to the Secret Flower Field where you’ll take on the second boss of Wooded Kingdom, a flower-powered flying saucer with a killer laser beam. You can check out all of the action for the objectives in the walkthrough video below.

How many Power Moons are there in Wooded Kingdom?

In addition to making it through the main objectives, you’ll also need to collect a minimum of 16 Power Moons in Wooded Kingdom to move on to the next level of Super Mario Odyssey. This is pretty easy to achieve, but you can see us grabbing 20 in the walkthrough video below, including six from the two boss battles, which kick out multi-Moons.

There are a total of 76 Power Moons in the Kingdom, but you won’t be able to collect a fair few of these until you’ve complete the main story for the game. 22 Moons are locked by the Moon Rock, which you’ll break once you complete the game and there are a few of the normal Moons that cannot be picked up until until later in the game. This includes Moon #54 “Peach in the Wooded Kingdom”, Moon #51 “Swing Around Secret Flower Field” and the Wooded Kingdom Regular Cup race, which require you to complete the game. There’s also Moon #49 “Secret Path to the Steam Gardens!”, which requires you to find the Warp Painting into the Wooded Kingdom in later levels (either Snow, Seaside or Metro Kingdom).


Wooded Kingdom walkthrough video:

Once you’ve beaten both Spewart Broodal and the Secret Flower Field boss, you’ll just need to grab enough Power Moons to fire up the Odyssey. You can follow along with all of the action in our Wooded Kingdom walkthrough guide above to pick up the Moons needed to power up the Odyssey and return the Kingdom its previously peaceful state.

Wooded Kingdom Purple Coins

There are a total of 100 Wooded Kingdom Purple Coins and they’re scattered all over the vast high rise landscape. You’ll need to hunt high and low from the depths of the Deep Wood to the heights of the Secret Flower Field, Observation Deck and the cloud area above it. Luckily, we take you through picking up each and every one of them in the video above.

Tricky Wooded Kingdom Moons to pick up

As ever, there are plenty of easy Moons to find in the Wooded Kingdom, but there are also a few that will either leave you scratching your head or mashing your controller furiously trying to get them. The Regular Cup race is pretty challenging and the Master Cup is even more gruelling. The Wooded Kingdom painting is also very tough to get to, which will see you warping over to one of the other kingdoms to pick up yet another Moon.

As you can see in the video above, Power Moon #30 is pretty well hidden in the rolling rock in the Deep Woods, but you can use the T-Rex to stomp it in one, which is easily the coolest way to pick it up. The Wooded Kingdom seed locations are also tricky to find, which will help you to get a series of Power Moons.

The Wooded Kingdom Hint Art is extremely frustrating and while it’s easy to see that you need to head on over to Sand Kingdom to find it, it’s not so easy to pull off. You can follow along with out video above to see where it is.

Moon 33 will probably have you searching all over the kingdom unless you stumble on it by accident. Essentially you need to feed the small plant shoot in the water in Deep Woods with the coins using the Coin Coffer that you can find close by. It takes a lot of coins, so expect to take a big hit and for it to take a little time.

You might also struggle with Power Moon #51, which is tucked away around the back of the Secret Flower Field Entrance. You’ll need to do a Cappy Jump or two to get it, so you can see how it all comes together in our video above.

Moon 64 will need you to capture a flaming Hammer Bro. to light the camp fire next to the pond and Moon 49 is the warp painting into Wooded Kingdom, so you can get this from either Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom or Snow Kingdom.

Moon 47 and 48 aren’t difficult to get apart from the fact that they’re located up in the clouds above the Observation Deck and you’ll need to carry a seed up from the dispenser at the Secret Flower Field Entrance to get the vine up to them. You’ll also find the Princess Peach location up on the Observation Deck and you can use the switch at its base to activate the timer platforms to make it up to her.

Finally, there’s the frustratingly difficult challenge of getting the Wooded Kingdom sheep Moons. You’ll essentially need to herd them around two courses to pick up both of the Moon Rock Power Moons, and it’s tougher than it sounds. You can watch us bagging them in the video above.

You can also check out our other Kingdom guide with the link below and you can leave comments below if you’re struggling to get any more Sand Kingdom Moons.

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