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Lake Kingdom guide Super Mario OdysseyOnce you’ve made your way out of the sand dunes of Tosterana in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll find yourself with a choice between The Wooded Kingdom and Lake Kingdom. Both are very cool, but Lake Kingdom feels more like a natural progression in terms of difficulty, so if you’re weighting up whether or not to go to Lake Kingdom or Wooded Kingdom, we’d recommend the former rather than the latter to start with.

This will put you in the aquatic tranquility of Lake Lamode, and our Lake Kingdom guide should help you get through it as quickly as possible with more than enough Power Moons to fire up the Odyssey and head on to the Wooded Kingdom. When you arrive at the lake, the waterways are far from placid, though, as Bowser has just bowled on through, stole the Lochlady Dress and left his Broodals behind to slow you down.


Lake Kingdom objectives

It’s up to you to make it through to the main lake, which requires a few zipper unlocks and a long swim through the tunnels, but once you get past the Cheep Cheeps you’ll make it through. It’s here where the majority of the action will take place, including the boss fight with Rango, one of Bowser’s wedding planner Broodals. Once you take him out, you’ll get much more access to Lake Kingdom.

There’s a lot you can do to stay busy before you beat the boss, with a whole lot of cool Power Moons to pick up, plus the hunt for Purple Coins, but the long and short of it is that you just need to take out Rango. It’s essentially the only real objective in Lake Kingdom, but you can check out our entire walkthrough for the Kingdom with the video below, which will also show you how to pick up enough Power Moons to move on to Wooded Kingdom.

How many Power Moons are there in Lake Kingdom?

To breath life back into the Odyssey, you’ll only need to grab 8 Moons and with the three that you get from defeating Rango Broodal, it doesn’t take that much to move on to Wooded Kingdom. However, there are a total of 42 Moons in Lake Kingdom, although, nine of them can only be picked up after you complete the main game and crack the Moon Rock.

In addition to the Rock Moons, there are also a few others that you won’t be able to get until either much later in the game or after completing the main story and rescuing Princess Peach and Tiara. This includes Moon 30, which you can’t get until you make it to Moon Kingdom, and Moon 33, which only appears once you’ve met the Princess in her palace in Mushroom Kingdom and chased her around for a bit.

As a result, it’s worth just picking up the eight that you need to power the Odyssey, taking out Rango Broodal and moving on to Wooded Kingdom as quickly as possible. You’ll then be able to head back to Lake Kingdom for another pass through after you’ve completed the main game.


Lake Kingdom walkthrough video:

Once you’ve made it up to the Broodals over Lake Lamode and given Rango a beat down, you should have a fair few Moons in the bag. You can follow along with all of the action in our Lake Kingdom walkthrough guide above to pick up the Power Moons needed to fly the Odyssey and bring peace back to the watery Kingdom.

Tricky Lake Kingdom Moons to pick up

There aren’t as many Moons in Lake Kingdom as there are in Sand Kingdom, but there are still a fair few tricky Power Moons to trip you up. For us, the sneakiest is the Super Secret Zipper, which you can only get to by using Cappy to activate a run of hidden steps leading up to the distant platform, or with a big hopping Cappy jump over the divide. You can check it out in the video below.

The Lake Kingdom acorn seed Moon can throw you a little too because there’s no prompt to be able to pick it up, but it’s just a case of pressing Y when you get near it and swimming it over to the left of the lower Plaza area to plant it. You’ll then need the Space Suit from Moon Kingdom to impress the style sisters enough to pick up Moon 30 on dry land above the Plaza.

Most of the Moon shards in Lake Lamode are pretty easy to hunt down, but there’s one underneath the ridge at the bottom of the lake that can easily be missed. Check out the video below to see how to track them all down.

You should already know what to do with the Lake Kingdom Goombette from previous encounters, but if you missed our earlier walkthrough guides it’s simply a case of getting a Goomba in front of her. You won’t see the Goombette until you break the Moon Rock, so when you’ve done that head up to the pond level at the top of the stairs, capture a Goomba with Cappy and bring it down the stairs to its lady love, dash jumping the water to make it across.

You can watch the video below to see how to pick up Moon 26, which you can only get to via a painting in another Kingdom. This will either be from Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom or Snow Kingdom and each of the painting locations are covered in the video.

Lake Kingdom Hint Art will need a trip back to Cascade Kingdom and a ground pound on the missing fossil in the picture. Moon 28 requires a binoculars zoom on the Metro Kingdom taxi flying over Lake Lamode, and the Regular Cup race will need you to pull off an epic Cappy jump shortcut to be able to win it with ease, which you can see us do in the video below.

Finally, not everyone knows about the Lakitu fishing Power Moon. Essentially, you can take over the cloud-floating spiny-backed pole dancer by flipping Cappy at him. From there it’s a case of following the instructions to land the big fish and get the Moon. If you’re still struggling you can check out our guide below.

You can also check out our other Kingdom guide with the link below and you can leave comments below if you’re struggling to get any more Sand Kingdom Moons.

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