Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom moons, guide and video walkthrough

Cascade Kingdom moons Super Mario OdysseyThe Nintendo Switch is quickly turning into the return to genius that fans have been hoping for and the recent arrival of Super Mario Odyssey is yet another incredible gaming experience, following up on the night of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and the sheer fun of Splatoon 2. The first full land you’ll get to explore in the game is Cascade Kingdom, and it impresses instantly with its incredibly lush landscape, crashing waterfalls and array of Power Moon challenges.

You’ll navigate to Cascade Kingdom after the training ground start in Cap Kingdom, where you meet and befriend Cappy, the latest new addition to the Super Mario team, and get to grips with the new moves he brings to the rescue mission. Hot on the trail of Bowser, who has run off with Princess Peach with a plan to marry her, Mario heads to Cascade Kingdom to find the air ship that Cappy has tipped him off about.


Getting your first Power Moon and finding The Odyssey

The air ship that you’re looking for is called The Odyssey and when you find it, you’ll see that it’s in a bit of state of disrepair and lacking the Power Moons it needs to get airborne. It’s located just up and along the main path, but you’ll need to collect the first Power Moon in the game to bring down the stone bridge that connects you to the rest of the kingdom to find it.

As you make your way down the path from the electricity wire you used to travel from Cap Kingdom, you’ll come across a Chomp that will attack when you get close. You can take over the Chomp with Cappy and using the analogue stick you can fire it at the glow wing rock next to it. The glow is coming from the first Power Moon in the game and breaking the rock will free it up to collect, while also releasing the stone bridge connection to the rest of Cascade Kingdom. Head over the bridge and you’ll find The Odyssey.

How many Power Moons are there in Cap Kingdom?

There are a total of forty Power Moons in Cascade Kingdom, but you won’t be able to get them all on your first visit. Five of the forty are only accessible after you’ve completed the game, one can only be reached through a hidden picture portal from one of the other kingdoms and the final fifteen are unlocked once you have broken the Cascade Kingdom moon rock (the shimmering grey cube at the top of the island), which is only possible once you’ve completed the game.

Consequently, it’s best to focus on getting enough moons to power The Odyssey and continuing on to the next kingdom, because it’s impossible to get 100% completion until you’ve completed the main game. The good news, though, is that it means there’s a lot of gaming still to play once you’ve dealt with Bowser and rescued Princess Peach.

In addition to the forty Power Moons, there are also 50 Purple Coins to pick up in Cascade Kingdom. They’re spread out all over the place, but you can follow along with our walkthrough video below to get them all.


Find all of the Purple Coins and enough moons to power the Odyssey walkthrough

To fix the Odyssey and get it ready to fly to the next Kingdom, you only need to find five moons and by the time you’ve made it to the air ship, you’ll already have the first one in the bag. The remaining four are pretty easy to find and if you want to add a few more into the mix for good measure you should be able to rack up a good tally here.

Our Cascade Kingdom walkthrough video above will show you the location of fourteen Power Moons, which is more than enough to get The Odyssey into action. It includes the boss battle at the top of the waterfall idyll with Madame Broode, who is an odd, over-sized lady rabbit with a Chomp on a chain as her guard dog. Take her out and you’ll get a three Moon multi reward, which will get you very close to lift off.

Tricky moons to pick up

Within the beautiful confines of Cascade Kingdom, there are a number of tricky moons to find with Moon #12 and Moon #19 topping the list of most frustrating. However, they’re relatively easy once you have the know-how and you can see how to get them in the short walkthrough videos below.

You might also get a little thrown by the Cascade Kingdom painting, which is blank when you first find it. Don’t worry too much about this, though, as it will stay that way until you complete the game, so you can ignore it until you’ve got the job done with Bowser and his mental marital plans.

Other Power Moons that can be tricky include the Regular Cup race, which required a perfectly timed Cappy jump and shortcut to guarantee a win, which you can check out below. You can also follow along with Moon 25, which is hard to get unless you know what you’re looking for from past Mario gaming experience.

You can also check out our other Kingdom guide with the link below and you can leave comments below if you’re struggling to get any more Sand Kingdom Moons.

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