Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Morning Thought


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Morning ThoughDale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. released new single Morning Thought on the 27th February on Warner Bros. Records, which sort of sounds as though it should have been a bit Daffy Ducked right from the outset. However, it’s a decent single with dream pop sounds interspersed with fussy tones.

The xylophone melodies work well with the guitar riffs as Morning Light opens. It gets pretty REM sleep in the mid section, with slightly unnecessary harmonies, but it comes back down again to end the track. There’s random sounds filling the spaces in between and the electro back-track gives it more of an interesting feel overall.

There’s a little flick of crunch guitar every now and again that would have added even more to the track if it had been more of a dominant feature. It would have added a bit more substance to the song overall.

Despite the slightly cheesy video, it’s not a bad introduction to the Detroit based Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Warner Bros. Records may not be the coolest label to be signed to, but it probably guarantees Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. A fair bit of airplay over the next month or so.

It’s A Corporate World, their debut album, had already been released in North America by the time Morning Thoughts was put out, and the album got a full UK release in May ahead of several summer festival dates.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Morning Thought review: 3.5/5


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