Jurassic World Evolution 2 how to get more operatives in Biosyn Sanctuary

Completing the Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion DLC will require you to get to grips with how to get more operatives. However, the mechanic is a brand new addition to the game and specific to the Biosyn Sanctuary campaign, so its easy to come unstuck here.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 how to get more operatives in Biosyn Sanctuary

For the majority of the campaign you won’t even notice this as it’s not talked about at all by any of the narrators and it doesn’t come up as one of the tasks set for you to complete. However, as you get further into the campaign you’ll notice that certain upgrades come with an unlock parameter relating to operatives.

The most significant of these is the Amber Mine Level 4, which you can work towards at any point in the campaign, but it becomes mandatory in the final few tasks. Chief among these is how to unlock Therizinosaurus, which you can only do with the extra dig sites that come with Amber Mine Level 4.

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How to get more operatives

As soon as you find out you need to get more operatives to get the big unlocks in Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Biosyn Sanctuary, it becomes the main imperative in the game. In addition to the unlocks, the number of operatives you have in your park in the campaign also equate to the amount of money you make per minute, so they’re clearly more important than you realise.

The simple answer to how to get more operatives is that you need more dinosaurs that are happily settled into your park, but that isn’t enough to get you over the line. The campaign does a pretty good job of moving you along in terms of new dinosaurs with a number of new additions being transported throughout the early stages.

However, this won’t be enough to get you the 150 operatives you need to unlock Amber Mine Level 4. In fact, if you maintain what you have, add in the Pyroraptors, Giganotosaurus, Dimetrodons and Dreadnaughtus, you might still be short on numbers.

The mechanic works by linking the Potential Operatives figure to your park’s Asset Rating, which is a product of the number, variety and star appeal of your dinosaurs. 40 low appeal dinosaurs won’t be much of a draw to operatives to come to the Biosyn Sanctuary, so it’s all about going for the big hitters.

Obviously, you’ll need to get enough different dinosaurs into your park to get rid of the Species Variety Penalty, but you should do that early on in the action with just 10 to aim for. After that it’s all about the more impressive dinosaurs, so work on these as a priority and if you get your tally close to 40 visible dinosaurs then you should smash your way through the 150 operatives that you need.

If you haven’t worked on the Pyroraptors, Giganotosaurus, Dimetrodons and Dreadnaughtus then focus on these. You don’t need to unlock Amber Mine Level 4 to get enough of the genome to be able to add them to your park and they’ll do a lot to push your Asset Rating up.

The emphasis, though, is on visible dinosaurs, so you need to ensure that you have good coverage for your Research Outposts. Theses are essentially the Biosyn Sanctuary campaign equivalent to viewing platforms and with the option to put them inside your enclosures you should be able to get good visibility coverage by placing them close to the center of the action.

As mentioned earlier, if you have the big hitting Jurassic World Dominion dinosaurs in your park, you might still be too low on operatives to achieve the unlock to get Therizinosaurus. The good news is that there’s a simple solution to this and while it’s a bit expensive it will get you over the line faster than pretty much anything else.

The simple answer is to work on the genome for the T-rex, incubate it and release it. The iconic dinosaur is pretty much the most important in the franchise history, so if you’re looking for maximum impact then this is your solution.

If you’re looking for numbers, the 150 operatives figure was unlocked in our run through with all of the named dinosaurs mentioned above (including the T-rex). This was part of the 39 visible dinosaurs covering a total of 12 different species, which was mostly made up of the dinosaurs that are delivered to the park in the Biosyn Sanctuary campaign.

That should be enough to get you over the line in terms of the Jurassic World Evolution 2 operatives and leave you with the final phases of the Biosyn Sanctuary. This will be to get a tally of 75 total dinosaurs with a comfort rating of 90%, which can be achieved by checking the environmental needs of your animals and creating enclosures that meet them.

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