Liam Gallagher Tweets Not For Sale single + 2017 tour dates

Liam Gallagher, Not For SaleIn a flurry of Tweets, Liam Gallagher has simultaneously confirmed the name of the first single from his upcoming solo album, As You Were, re-avowed his feud with brother Noel, got a bit carried away with the football and announced the opening and closing songs from his live dates later this year. Perhaps the most important of all these for anyone with at least a passing interest in music is that LG’s new single will be called, Not For Sale.

There’s no word as of yet when either the new album or the opening single will be getting a release as of yet, but with the first of his solo gigs coming up on the 3rd of June 2017 – hilariously, at the Pinkpop Festival 2017 in Landgraaf, Netherlands – it can’t be too far away. As soon as it arrives, we’ll be updating things here and if there’s a music video to go along with it then that’ll be added to the mix too, but for now, here are a selection of the Tweets, starting out with our favourite:


Liam Gallagher 2017 tour dates Tweets

It was a big day for the pink-popping Man City fan and while his prediction of a 7-0 win against Liverpool on the weekend didn’t come true, he definitely got a lot off his chest. Singing Oasis songs that were penned by Noel Gallagher, including Rocking Chair and Don’t Look Back In Anger, is clearly going to be a big part of the solo live dates he’s got coming up, but it’ll be interesting to see how much new material makes it into the gigs. Surely Not For Sale has got to be in the set list somewhere in the very least!

In addition to Pinkpop Festival 2017, Liam Gallagher will also be playing Benicàssim in Spain (13th – 16th July), Lollapalooza in Paris (22nd – 23rd July) and Osheaga Music & Arts 2017 in Montreal, Canada (4th – 6th August). There are no UK tour dates announced as of yet, but with rumours doing the rounds, we’ll be surprised if there isn’t a nationwide hop for him later in the year.

The Tweets continued with a couple of cryptic numbers flying out of Twitter last night and from the look of them, they would appear to be snippets of song lyrics taken from Liam’s new material. The first read, “To the people who dig what I’m about I know you’ll freak out as its proper to the people who hate what I’m about I hope it sends you mad”. It was then followed up by, “I give you universal gleam I’ll help you fix your broken dream I’ll give you something you can shout about I won’t ever let you down”.

There’s a hater and Noel Gallagher fan boy theme to a fair few of Liam’s Tweets of late, so clearly the first is a continuation of that into his song writing. The second sounds like it could easily fit into the lyrics for Not For Sale, but we’ll have to wait for the single’s release to find out. We haven’t had anything knew from the former Oasis front-man since Beady Eye’s Different Gear, Still Speeding, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the new single lands. You can follow the latest from the saga with Liam Gallagher’s Twitter page. From the look of Noel Gallagher’s Twitter page, it doesn’t look like he’s biting back yet, so we probably won’t be getting a slanging match, sadly.

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