Liam Gallagher, As You Were release date, songs and vinyl details announced

Liam Gallagher As You WereAfter months of speculation and rumours, Liam Gallagher has finally confirmed his first solo album, As You Were, earmarking the record for a release days later in Autumn 2017 and announcing just two of the songs on the tracklist. He’s also added some additional detail about the vinyl version of the album, giving fans of the controversial Mancunian Britpop front-man a taste of his first solo material.

The announcement comes on the back of his return to live performances recently, which are set to continue throughout the summer, including his Glastonbury set this weekend. However, most of the shows will be at various large festivals around the world, followed by an extended tour of the US so there is no for UK tour on the cards as of yet.


With the announcement of the new album, As You Were, we’ll be very surprised if a full UK tour isn’t on the way in the not too distant future. After Glastonbury, the only opportunity to see Liam Gallagher live in the UK this year for sure is that at the Reading and Leeds festival in August.

Release date

Liam Gallagher’s As You Were has been scheduled for a release date of the 6th October 2017, so there’s still a long wait for the former Oasis and Beady Eye front-man’s first solo effort. It will be available on CD, black 180g vinyl and digital download where they deluxe version of the album available on CD and digital download only.

The Liam Gallagher store has also got a deluxe boxset available to pre-order for £49.99 which includes a 12 inch 180g white album vinyl, bonus 7 inch vinyl, the deluxe CD, an A5 print, printed forward written by Tim Kessler, a poster, the digital album on release and a 20 page hardback book.


While the full tracklist for As You Were hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, one of the songs has already been released as a single to coincide with the announcement of the album this week. It’s the opening song from the album, Wall Of Glass, and you can take a listen to it yourself in the music video below.

Heart Of Glass music video:

It’s a pretty straightforward rock track with a chorus repeating the “Wall of glass” line. The video is as bolshi as you’d expect from Liam Gallagher, with twisting streams of kaleidoscopic surrealism, dark corridors, a brown leather sofa and prison-style communication concept.


The other of the two songs announced from the tracklist is called Chinatown, but there’s no music to go with it as of yet. We’ll be surprised if there aren’t more singles before the release date comes around, along with the rest of the songs on the tracklist.

First impressions

We’re not bowled over by the opening single from As You Were, but it was always going to be a massive challenge trying to make a comeback and please the music press all in one fell swoop. However, for Liam Gallagher, surely that’s a distant second, third or fourth on the wish list with the main focus being on his legion of dedicated fans who will just be glad to have the Mancunian crown prince back on the record shelf with some new material.

There are still plenty of songs still to come from the album, so surely at least one of them is going to impress us a little. Either way, we are always glad to have Liam Gallagher back on the music scene, because it’s certainly going to be an interesting few months in the build up to the launch of the album.

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