Ms. Marvel Kamala love interest, Kamran, explained and details on the actor

In Episode 2 of Ms. Marvel, Crushed, things got a whole lot more mysterious and at the centre of it all is Kamala’s love interest, Kamran. He appears early on in the episode as the two bump into each other when Kamala is doing her whole Spider-Man equivalent, post-powers walk through school, which was pretty funny.

Ms. Marvel Kamala love interest, Kamran, explained and details on the actor

Apart from it looking as though Kamran is way, way, way too old for Kamala, the two characters hit it off pretty well. However, the episode reveal of his mum, who says she’s been waiting a long time to meet her, puts a question mark over his love interest role.

To start with, it means the audience, and Kamala for that matter, don’t know for sure whether or not his interest in her was genuine or a result of his mother’s efforts to meet her. If that isn’t enough, the potential ties back to Kamala’s great grandmother for Kamran’s mother mean that there’s an outside chance that they might actually be related.

Who plays Kamran?

The actor that plays the role of Kamran in Ms. Marvel is Rish Shah, who is a relative newcomer with no major roles under his belt prior to the Disney+ show. He gets a whole lot of screen time and plot attention in Episode 2 following the meet cute, which leads to him driving Kamala, Bruno and Nakia home from Zoe Zimmer’s party after the police arrive.

After that he takes Kamala for a driving lesson and have a date at a New Jersey diner where they talk Bollywood movies. At this stage it all seems fairly innocuous and you just kind of assume its random love interest stuff for character development.

However, the unexpected ending to Episode 2 makes the character integral to the mysteries that have developed early on for Ms. Marvel. Namely, what are her powers and how do they link to her past with a clear reference to both her great grandmother and Kamran’s mother.

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What we know about Kamran

The reality is that the show has been pretty light on information on Kamran. The only thing that he has talked about really is that he’s done a lot of travelling around before he arrived in New Jersey.

The other things we know are that he has a wealthy uncle that owns a very fancy Porche Taycan and his mum has an overeager interest in his new love interest, Kamala. We’re bound to find out more about both the uncle and his mother in the rest of Ms. Marvel’s remaining 4 episodes, but here’s our theory.

For Kamran and his mum to turn up at just the right time and place to pick Kamala up it’s possible that one of them has powers. There are also the visions that she had of Kamran’s mum – when she blacked out at the dinner table and when she was trying to save the boy at the mosque – which hints at a link to her powers, so the mother seems to be the obvious solution.

His mum says that she’s been waiting a long time to meet Kamala and it probably isn’t to do with Kamran being her new love interest either. The early days romance has only been going on for a day or so by this stage, so it’s got to be linked to something else.

That points to a link that goes back to her family before they moved from Pakistan. It seems logical then that it must be linked to her powers, bracelet and great grandmother Aisha.

A good possibility is that both families have power that skips generations and it tracks back to alien technology from the Kree who experimented on humans with the mutagen Terregen Mist. This resulted in a number of Inhumans on earth and if the Ms. Marvel origin is similar to the comic books then this could well be the answer.

Another alternative is that Kamram’s dear old mum was around when Aisha revealed her powers and disappeared. If that’s the case then she’s been waiting to meet another Khan that presents the powers with some kind of plan to help her maybe.

As ever, we’ll update things here as soon as we know the truth. You can also check out our movie news section to keep tabs on the latest upcoming films, or visit the Marvel website at to see more on the Disney+ series.