New It (2017) trailer features more of Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise

It (2017)The latest film trailer to arrive on YouTube is about as terrifying as they come, as it gives us even more footage of the upcoming It (2017) adaptation. Expectations are running pretty high for the big screen rework of the Stephen King classic horror story and everything is pointing towards it being one of the years biggest fright fests.

Glimpses of the clowns terror at the heart of the small town, coming-of-age story are still fleeting in the trailer, but we are definitely starting to see more of it as we get closer to the release date in early September. If you thought that Tim Curry was scary in the 1990 TV mini-series adaptation then you’ll probably be pretty happy with the new interpretation of the killer clown, which is looking pretty freaky whenever it surfaces in the trailer.


It (2017) trailer:

Pennywise will be played by Bill Skarsgård (Atomic Blonde) this time around following on from his appearance in The Divergent Series: Allegiant. However, scenes including his dialogue are pretty slim on the ground in the so it’s going to be interesting to see how well he evokes the dark spirit of the sinister clown that we all know and hate.

The trailers are starting to set the scene for the film with a little more focus on the child stars that have been tasked with bringing it to life. Finn Wolfhard looks like he’s going to be as important to the success of It as he was for Stranger Things last year. With this and his Netflix sci-fi thriller, we’re already expecting big things from Stranger Things Series 2, and not just because of the huge spider beast towering you can see towering over the town in the latest trailer.

There are some very significant parallels between the two with the small town America setting, unknown terror and a group of kids trying to fight it. They’ve become all the more prominent with both productions getting new trailers around the same time and just a month between their release dates, but there are also a few key differences with It going for more traditional horror versus Stranger Things‘ sci-fi thriller chills and nostalgic setup.

The latest trailer for the Stephen King adaptation is pretty freaky, but we’re definitely expecting the full film to be a hell of a lot scarier, especially when we get the full tension of the music score by Benjamin Wallfisch (Hidden Figures). We’ll also have the Losers Club to will on for survival against the fiend of Derry, Maine, so the stakes are going to be high.

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