Super Mario Crossover 2.0 will be online soon


Exploding RabbitFor any old school gamers out there this will be a good news day as Exploding Rabbit are about to go online with the upcoming release of Super Mario Crossover 2.0. While it doesn’t take in the entire history of Super Mario, it definitely contains some of the most loved levels from the early Bros. Games.

With the addition of a couple of new characters and different graphics for the existing levels of Super Mario Crossover, it’s a nice refresh of a genius idea. The game combines Super Mario Bros. levels with a number of legendary old school characters like Megaman meaning that instead of just jumping on Mushroom or incinerating them with flower powered fireballs, you now get to shoot them to fungi smithereens.

Characters include Samus from Metroid and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. There’s also Mega Man’s arch-nemesis, Bass to fight with too, which will help to bring even more mash up madness to what’s turning into a great addition to the gaming legacy of Super Mario.

Crossover 2.0 will be going live over the coming months, but for anyone that wants to play the original, you can check it out at Hopefully there’ll be a 3.0 on the cards to get Yoshi involved with a laser blasting Shamus sat squarely on his back.


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