The Sunshine Underground calls it a day with a Luminescent fond farewell

The Sunshine Underground LuminescentFor us, The Sunshine Underground are one of the most underrated bands of all time, and while the upcoming release of Luminescent has got a mammoth job of living up to the sheer genius of 2006’s Raise The Alarm it’s already starting to sound positive. The Telford and Shrewsbury three-piece has introduced a lot more electronica into the mix for its latest material, making it a very different beast to earlier albums, but it should see them back in a serious way.

However, on the darker side of the tracks is the fact that the new record is billed as the band’s fourth and “final” album, which is fairly sad news indeed. Craig, Stu and Matt will be hanging up their sunglasses and tube passes to coincide with the ten year anniversary of their debut album, so Luminescent looks like it’s going to be the last new release they’ll do together.


Release date

The album will be out on CD, Limited Edition 12″ vinyl and digital download on the 30th September 2016. The Sunshine Underground originally launched the release process on Pledge Music, where you can pre-order the album, along with a whole host of other band bits and bobs, including tour tickets with passes to meet the band, signed posters and albums and a rare first 12″ pressing of Put You In Your Place, from Raise The Alarm.


Two singles have been released ahead of the album – the 80s synth infused Something’s Gonna Happen and Metronomy meets New Order clipped edges of Today. If they’re a good indication of what to expect from the rest of the record then we should be in for an epic series of swan songs. Check out the music video for Today below to take a listen for yourself. It’s starts out a little hit and miss, but when it gets into the main track it’s got a quick influence:

Luminescent track list:

  1. Rise
  2. Something’s Gonna Happen
  3. Sunbeam
  4. Today
  5. Luminescent
  6. Open Up
  7. Shimmer
  8. Skyline
  9. Radiator

First impressions

Luminescent sounds like it’s going to be class, with solid electronica mixing in with The Sunshine Underground’s indie rock heritage. Both of the singles are winners and the artwork for the record is quality, so this could be one of the best band farewell’s since David Bowie announced the dissolution of the Spiders From Mars.

It’s a massive shame the band has decided to call it a day, but ending on a high is probably as good as we’re gonna get right now, so we’re planning to just enjoy it while it lasts.

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