Wreck-It Ralph 2 release date, cast and film details

Wreck-It Ralph 2The big lug will be back in action with Vanellope von Schweetz and co in 2018 with Wreck-It Ralph 2, the sequel to the 2012 Disney animation. While the first film saw Ralph in the confines of an computer game arcade as he went from villain to hero, the second installment seems to be more worldwide and webby.

The full title for the film is Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, which is as random and anti-snappy as it gets, so the characters are going to be travelling even further in their next adventure. Both John C. Reilly (Kong: Skull Island) and Sarah Silverman (A Million Ways To Die In The West) are back playing the lead characters, and the directorial duo of Rich Moore and Phil Johnston will be at the helm, following their success on the opening film.

Release date

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 has a release date of Friday November 30th, 2018 in both the US and the UK. There aren’t any other films confirmed for release on the same weeking as of yet, so it should have a fairly clear run at the box office, however, as more films are announced for 2018, we’ll keep you updated on any changes.


As the name would imply, some years have passed since the arcade heyday of the previous adventure and the advent of the internet is upon Ralph and von Schweetz. However, the name also tells us that the new technological advancement doesn’t exactly go smoothly for the two arcade game characters. Consequently, the adventure will see them heading beyond the confines of Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade to fix things.


John C. Reilly returns as Ralph, along with Sarah Silverman as the glitching racer and Princess of Sugar Rush, Venellope von Schweets. Disney has also confirmed that Jane Lynch (Arrested Development) and Jack McBrayer (Bob’s Burger’s) will also be back for Wreck-It Ralph 2 as Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-It Felix. You check out some of the cast member in the Facebook Live Video announcing the film.


Having directed the original Wreck-It Ralph, Rich Moore will be picking up the credit for the sequel too, sharing the honours with Phil Johnson. The story and screenplay has been written by Johnson and Clarke Spencer returns to the team as producer. They all worked together recently on Zootropolis, so there’s a lot of animated success behind Ralph Breaks The Internet. You can see more from the production at the Disney Animation Studios Twitter page.

First impressions

Having loved the first film in what appears to be shaping up to be a series, we’re pretty excited about the prospect of the sequel, especially with the comedy potential of the world wide web to the story. There’s no trailer as of yet, so we’ll know more when that arrives, however, there’s already a lot of potential behind Wreck-It Ralph 2.

With the main characters and cast back on board for the sequel, along with the same names in the production team, it should be able to capitalise on the same winning formula. Animated sequels are always tricky though, but we’re expected this to be yet another Disney hit movie.

The characters are much-loved by fans, so it should have a strong run at the box office, especially with its winter 2018 release date. Hopefully, the story will see Ralph going on to fix the internet before the end of the film, otherwise Tim Berners-Lee is going to be pretty miffed.

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