Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers“Hello? The Media?” Bob’s Burgers is the new cartoon sitcom type thing on the block… and it’s good. Bridging the gap between The Simpsons and Family Guy with a bit of Beavis & Butthead/King of the Hill style animation, Bob’s Burger’s kicks out a lot of laughs.

It’s a lot more down to earth than other animated comedies, which gives it enough of a unique character not to look like another addition to the American ‘toon family schtick.

The characters include Bob Belcher, a smart but ultimately unlucky burger restaurant owner, his nasal wife Linda, his slightly special elder daughter Tina, his hyper-actively “entertaining” son Gene and his over-exaggerating younger daughter Louise, who get the business in trouble in episode 1 by announcing to her classmates in show and tell that her dad’s burgers are made out of ground human flesh.

Kristen Schaal, Mel from Flight of the Concords, plays Louise Belcher, but every one of the characters have there funny moments. One of the best from the first episode comes at the scratching hands of Tina who announces to all that “her crouch is itchy” out of nowhere.

Bob’s Burger’s has got a lot of potential. The characters are easy to warm to, the jokes hit you when you least expect them and it’s got its own style. It’s on Tuesday’s at 10:35pm on E4 at the moment.

Bob’s Burgers review – 4/5

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