ComicCon smashes out Stranger Things 2, Thor Ragnarok, Star Trek: Discovery, and Justice League trailers

Thor RagnarokDay two of ComicCon 2017 has turned out to be pretty huge, so much so in fact that it’s hard to know where to start with it all with so many big-name trailers from the likes of Stranger Things 2, Thor Ragnarok, Star Trek: Discovery, and Justice League. Marvel, DC and Netflix are leading the way this year for new sci-fi, fantasy and comic book hero entertainment and you can check out all of the trailers below to see the latest from the huge San Diego event.

The new clutch of videos adds to what came out on day one, which featured the opening trailer for new Netflix fantasy action-thriller Bright, along with a teaser featuring The Punisher and Marvel’s The Defenders trailer 2. There’s also been a new trailer for Blade Runner 2049, along with a number of revelations about upcoming films, Ant-Man 2 and Captain Marvel with more details below. The Avengers: Infinity Wars footage that featured at D23 and again at ComicCon has still not been released online, so we may have to wait a while for that.


Stranger Things Series 2

First up is the full Stranger Things Series 2 trailer, following up on the teaser we saw a few months back. The giant monster is back again, but the focus is on the human cast and the build-up of tension for another installment of the sci-fi horror series. It’s good to see El back, although it looks like things are far from easy for her once again, and you can also see Winona Rider returning as Joyce Byers, Will’s mum, and David Harbour as Police Chief Jim Hopper.

Thor: Ragnarok

Trailer 2 for Thor: Ragnarok also landed, building on the battle sequence between Hulk and Thor in the previous trailer. This time we get to see Mark Ruffalo in his role as Doctor Bruce Banner, but the biggest revelation is the conversational skills of The Incredible Hulk, who you can see chatting in full sentences with Thor. “Hulk smash! Hulk read Keats! Hulk hears wind blowing and cracking its cheeks!” We can only imagine that Bruce has managed to create some sort of control serum for his super-powered alter-ego.

We also got to find out who wins in the fight between the two superheroes with Thor saying it was him, easily, but that doesn’t necessarily tie in with the way things look.

Star Trek: Discovery

There’s not that much in the way of revelations from the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer, but it does give us an extended view of the upcoming return to TV for The boldly going crew of Starfleet Command. It’ll be arriving on Netflix in the UK on the 25th September 2017, but it’ll be more of a weekly release than a binge box-set to begin with, because of the US air date schedule for CBS. The visuals and production values look film quality in the trailer, so it could well be an award-winning return for Star Trek.

Justice League

We’ve had a number of trailers now for Justice League, but the latest is a whopping 4-minutes plus with a lot of action and dialogue. It feels like DC’s attempt to trump Thor: Ragnarok with the two films out in cinemas within a month of each other. There are a couple of fleeting glimpses of Ciarán Hinds as the film’s lead villain Steppenwolf, but his face hasn’t been seen yet, so there’s still an element of surprise for the release.


Ready Player One

In addition to the big, we’ll-established names, ComicCon 2017 also saw the arrival of trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One adaptation, which will bring the sci-fi future of the 2011 Ernest Cline novel to the big screen in March 2018. Set in 2045, it sees a dysfunctional social setup finding escape in the virtual reality of OASIS.

Ant-Man 2

There’s no trailer by a long stretch, but there were a couple of big revelations with both Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Pfeiffer confirmed in the cast playing Bill Foster/Giant Man and Hope’s mum and original Wasp Janet Van Dyne. It’ll also feature the villain The Ghost, but there’s no word on the casting to go up against Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Evangeline Lily as the new Wasp.

Captain Marvel

Again, there’s no trailer for Captain Marvel, but there were a few new snippets of information on the first female lead Marvel superhero movie. In addition to the existing details around Brie Larson’s casting in the lead role, the ComicCon announcements confirmed that the film will take place during the 1990s. We also found out that Samuel L. Jackson will be starring alongside Brie as Nick Fury, but as the timeline takes place before the accident that took his eye, he’ll be patch-free.

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