Doctor Who Series 6 review

Dr Who Series 6After a great debut as the 11th Dr Who, Matt Smith is back with Dr Who Series 6 confirming his status (in our opinion) as the best of the new Doctors. Following the massive Pandorica climax of the 5th series, the Doctor returns with Amy Pond, her husband Rory and River Song to take on more uglies. Image courtesy of the BBC.

I can’t decide whether or not the opening two part episode of Series 6 just happen to be set in America, because the storyline naturally progressed that way, or whether it was because of a shameless attempt to break into the American marketplace. It’s set in the US, focusing on the moon landing and the Dr’s introduction to President Richard Nixon. It features lots of guns and a slender man/X Files like alien presence.

While there are still the same ace dodgy special effects, these are set against some really good ones too, especially in the creation of the double episode opener’s alien baddy the Silence. The storyline is fast paced and absorbs you well into the world of Doctor Who, just as in Series 5. This is something that continues in the next episode of Series 6, where the Dr, Rory and Amy find themselves on a pirate ship with a siren of the deep marauding it.

Whether there is a level of syndical Americana thrown into the opening double part episode doesn’t really matter though, because it’s ultimately a lot of fun to watch. There’s also some light anti-right-wing jokes at the end of the two part episode to take the edge off a little bit.

Doctor Who Series 6 review – 4/5