God of War Ragnarok characters

God of War Ragnarok characters

With the 2021 Sony PlayStation presentation we finally got to see a lot of the God of War Ragnarok characters in action. A good number of them return from their introduction to the GOW universe in the opening chapter in the Norse saga in 2018, but there are a few new characters that we got to see, so here’s a rundown of each and every one of them that have been confirmed to-date.

If you haven’t seen the presentation trailer as of yet, the story will pick up from God of War as Fimbulwinter starts to really bite. With Thor hounding them, Kratos and his son Atreus set off in a bid to track down the missing god Tyr, who played a big part in the plot for the first game without actually being one of the featured characters.

Atreus knows that the prophecies say that at the end of Fimbulwinter, there will be Ragnarok – a ferocious series of disasters and a great war between the gods – so they must ready themselves. However, they’ll have the witch of the woods, Freya, out for revenge for the killing of her son Baldur and Thor knocking on their door the entire way. God of War Ragnarok will also unlock new worlds, so the number of characters you encounter is definitely going to go up.

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Returning God of War Characters

Kratos (played by Christopher Judge) – Once a simple Spartan warrior, Kratos is the son of Zeus and the Greek God of War having killed Ares, who tricked him into killing his family. In GOW 2018 we found him in the Midgard where he had settled down with Faye and had a son called Atreus. The previous game started as the father and son tend to the funeral pyre of Faye and take her ashes to the top of the mountain to lay them to rest.

However, along the way they have to kill a few more gods – Magni, Modi and their uncle Baldur – and incur the wrath of Asgard. As a result, the three-year Fimbulwinter begins, signalling the coming of Ragnarok, which set things up for the 2022 sequel.

Atreus (played by Sunny Suljic) – son of Kratos and Faye, we discovered in God of War that Atreus is half Jötunn (giant on his mother’s side – her name in Jotunheim is Laufey), a quarter human and a quarter god on his dad’s side. We also discovered that his giant name is Loki and he seems pretty concerned about the coming of Ragnarok as he had a premonition that it will mean Thor coming for them, which was revealed in the secret ending.

Freya (played by Danielle Bisutti) – the witch of the woods turned out to be Freya, Vanir god and wife of Odin. She’s the mother of Baldur, whose death sent her into a wild rage and she has vowed to seek her revenge on Kratos and Atreus for killing her son. However, there’s some complexity to the character, because she helped them out a lot in the previous game, at the end of which Mimir said that he thought she’d get over her loss eventually. Also, she has a lot of guilt having given her son immortality at the expense of his soul, which left him tortured for the rest of his life and ultimately led to his death. Her immortality charm left a single chink in his armor, mistletoe. It was Atreus’ mistletoe arrow that dealt the final blow.

Mimir (played by Alistair Duncan) – a god of incredible wisdom, he was imprisoned by Odin on the World Tree, Yggdrasil. He asks Kratos and Atreus to behead him and take him with them to help them on their journey to Jotunheim. He stays with them throughout the adventure and returns in Ragnarok as their councilor once more.

Brok (played by Robert Craighead) – the first of the dwarf brothers that we met in GOW. They are in exile from their world of Svartalfheim, they are smiths and fashion weaponry and upgrades for Kratos and Atreus.

Sindri (played by Adam Harrington) – the second of the dwarf blacksmiths, completing the Sons of Ivaldi duo. Their previous work includes Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, and Kratos’ Leviathan Axe and shield.

Thor (played by Ryan Hurst) – We only got to see the Thunder God in a dream of Atreus’ in the secret ending in God of War, but he’s going to be one of the main antagonists in Ragnarok. His sons Magni and Modi, along with his brother Baldur have been killed by the father son team, so he’s clearly on the war path this time around.

New characters in God of War Ragnarok

Tyr (played by Ben Prendergast) – the Norse god of war is seen being rescued by Kratos and Atreus in the trailer as the two of them try to get him to help them in efforts against Thor. Odin seems to have done everything in his power to conceal the character, but it looks like his discovery is going to be one of the big turning points in the game.

Odin (played by Richard Shift) – the Allfather is the ruler of the Æsir gods, and is set to play a big part in the coming of Ragnarok according to game director, Eric William. He also revealed that he’s going to be portrayed as an old man who is busy with his own things and does whatever he wants, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he’s realised in the GOW universe.

Angrboða (played by Laya DeLeon Hayes) – appearing right at the end of the trailer for God of War Ragnarok, Angrboða is one of the last remaining giants left in the Nine Realms. We actually know a lot about the character from Norse mythology, which could be considered as spoiler worthy, so if you don’t want to know too much then don’t read on.

For everyone that wants the details, Angrboða in Norse mythology was the giantess mate of Loki, so we’re expecting a little romance between her and Atreus in the game. They both look like they’re a similar age, so it kind of works in terms of the story and how the family saga can develop for Kratos.

In the rest of the mythology, the two have three children – Hel, the giant wolf Fenrir, which has recently been revealed for the God of War sequel, and the world serpent Jörmungandr. All of these play a big part in the old school Ragnarok, but unless there’s some form of time travel going on, it’s hard to see how the pair can possibly bring the World Serpent into the world, seeing as Loki met it in the 2018 game. Although, he was able to talk to it and seemed to have a strange connection with it, so who knows how it’s all going to pan out.

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