Stephen King announces his plans for a sequel to The Shining

Stephen King, The Shining sequelI’ve never read any of Stephen King’s books, but if there is one that I have always wanted to read it’s The Shining. Thinking about it I’ve never read a horror book in my life. However, the news that King is putting together the plot for the sequel to his 1977 original is the kick up the rosy cheeks that I need.

Apparently the end of the first book left a traumatised little boy, Danny Torrance, recuperating after the villainous Overlook Hotel had wreaked its havoc on his family (curses to evil hotels everywhere, the sh*thouses). King’s sequel could see a continuation of Danny’s story as a forty year old orderly living in New York.


King hasn’t fully committed to the project yet, but if it does get written, we’ll find out what the aftereffects of the original madness were on Danny. We’ll also find out how he is still using his psychic powers (The Shining) to help patients deal with death. However, having seen It I reckon there’s bound to be some sinister force that he’ll have to contend with. Maybe a demonic gurney or an out of control electric bed.

Anyways, seeing as there’s no release date as of yet, I reckon I’ve got enough time to read the original and watch the film before it potentially hits the shelves. I still need to see One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest too, and I need to finish reading War and Peace. Who steels time?