The Croods 2 UK release date, age rating, and parents guide

The Croods 2 UK release date age rating and parents guide

It’s been a very long time coming, but The Croods 2 UK release date (details below) is finally on the way following a break of seven years. It may not be the longest animated sequel break with The Incredibles 2 leaving things fourteen years and Finding Dory coming out thirteen years after they all managed to track down Nemo in a fish tank in Sydney, but it’s still a fairly lengthy gap between films.

However, the 2013 release of the first film wasn’t the last we saw of the brood, with a prequel cartoon called Dawn Of The Croods coming out on Netflix back in 2015, bit that had a whole new voice cast. The sequel, on the other hand, will see a return for the main voice cast from the first film, and this time around they’ve got even more company following their departure from the cave the last time around.

We last saw the Crood household living on a beach with Guy as their extended family new addition and love interest for Eep, having escaped the cataclysmic destruction of moving plate tectonics. This time they’ll face the threat of another family that they encounter and following years of cave-dwelling hermit isolation and the initial struggle to accept Guy, group interaction is clearly not going to be easy for any of them.


The brilliant voice cast will be returning, including Emma Stone (Zombieland 2) as Eep, Nicholas Cage (Kick Ass) as her dad Grug, Catherine Keener (Incredibles 2) as her mum Ugga, Clark Duke (Kick Ass) as brother Thunk and Randy Thom (How To Train Your Dragon Hidden Worlds) as baby sister Sandy. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool 2) will also be back as Guy and Cloris Leachman (American Gods) returns as the family’s cantankerous gran.

The new additions to the cast are Peter Dinklage (Avengers Infinity War) and Leslie Mann (The Other Woman) in as-yet unconfirmed roles. However, with the talk of another family in the mix we’re expecting them to be the matriarch and patriarch of the rival clan.

The Croods 2 UK release date

The Croods 2 UK release date is currently down for Wednesday the 23rd December 2020, which will make it the only new animated film out over the Christmas holidays. It’ll have plenty of competition at the box office though with the first part of the Denis Villeneuve Dune adaptation out the week before, along with the sequel to Coming To America. However, it should have the keys to family viewing with the only other films close to it being Clifford The Big Red Dog out earlier in December and Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon at the end of November.

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Age rating and parents guide

The age rating for The Croods 2 won’t be confirmed by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) until just a couple of weeks before the release date in the UK. While there’s also no trailer as of yet, the U certification for the first film is a good indicator for the sequel. However, it’s fair to say that after The Incredibles 2 picked up an age rating of PG for mild bad language and violence, following the U of the first film, it’s definitely possible for this to be up-rated, especially if the threat of the new family results in an element of violence.

If it does stay within the bounds of the 2013 film, though, the parents guide notes should just be a little mild threat.

We’ll update you with more details on the film, including the age rating and parents guide, when the trailer comes out and again when the BBFC announces its certification for the release. You can check out our movie news section to see other upcoming films in 2020, or see the official webpage on the Universal Pictures website at