House of Gucci UK DVD and Blu-ray release date

House of Gucci UK DVD and Blu-ray release date

With its recent run on the big screen, the House of Gucci UK DVD and Blu-ray release date is in (details below), so here’s everything we know so far about the home entertainment release. With a surprisingly big name cast and a darkly scandalous story of fashion, money and murder, it’s a mat hatters tea party of a “how the other half live” story.

The plot is based on real life events and centres on Patrizia Reggiani, who marries Maurizio Gucci at the age of 24 to become the latest addition to the fashion empire’s family. Played by Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born) with Adam Driver in the role of Maurizio, they become the new power couple with Maurizio going on to become the head of the fashion house.

The relationship goes on to sour dramatically with a divorce on the cards and a lot of money at stake, which leads to the murder that shocked the Italian fashion scene. The film is based on the Sara Gay Forden book, The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed.

UK Blu-ray and DVD release date

The House of Gucci UK Blu-ray and DVD release date has now been confirmed for the 31st December 2021, so it just misses out on the Christmas shopping spend. However, it lands in time for the the New Year if you’re looking for something new to watch or if you’ve got a few gift vouchers to use up after a bumper landing from the big guy in red.

It’s yet another film that has condensed it’s home entertainment release with the film only arriving on the big screen on the 26th November 2021, which makes it just a little over a month between the two. It’s the shortest timescale we’ve seen, but there have been plenty of other examples with both Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Rings and No Time To Die both coming out on DVD and Blu-ray and two and a half months after their cinema release date.

It was initially assumed that Shang-Chi crunched things to combine up with the arrival of iMax on Disney+ and No Time To Die was just looking to arrive in time for Christmas. However, with the House Of Gucci Doc Brown efforts and other films like The Addams Family 2 and The Many Saints of Newark all arriving early for the home market we’re definitely seeing a seismic shift in scheduling for physical formats following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The planned date give House of Gucci a fairly clear release window, so it shouldn’t be completely overshadowed by the like of No Time To Die, which is out on the 20th December 2021. However, it should still be close enough to the holiday period to benefit at least a little. It’ll also give it a chance of landing a good streaming deal in the New Year, so clearly there’s a lot more flux for film companies when it comes to their home entertainment launch windows.

We’ll update you with more details on the DVD, Blu-ray and 4K release as they get confirmed.

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America release date

The details for the UK have been confirmed, but things are still a little quete for the House of Gucci DVD and Blu-ray release date for America, but going on the norm for the US it should arrive in January. However, with things being so quick in the UK, we could see things sped up in North America too, so things could be relatively close between the Atlantic divide.

It’s definitely a long way away from the old world where physical releases would come out early in the States and as much as a couple of months later in the Britain. We’d always hoped that we’d catch up at least to get parity with the American market, but this is a whole new world where the UK seems to be getting home entertainment before the US. Whether this continues or not remains to be seen, but for now, you can enjoy the benefits.

DVD and Blu-ray details

Age rating: 15 (UK) R (United States of America)

Runtime: 2 hours, 38 minutes

Director: Ridley Scott (The Last Duel and All The Money In The World)

Screenplay by: Becky Johnson and Roberto Bentivegna

Cast: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Jack Huston, Reeve Carney, Mădălina Ghenea

We’ll update you with more details on the film as they get confirmed.

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