LCD Soundsystem plans a lengthy American Dream

LCD Soundsystem American DreamFollowing on from the arrival of the epic single, Call The Cops, earlier this year James Murphy has confirmed that he’ll be returning with LCD Soundsystem for his fourth album, American Dream. With the single clocking in at a fairly significant seven minutes, you might have expected the album to throw in a few shorter tracks, but only one of the songs is less than five minutes, and even then it’s only three minutes shy. The longest of the ten songs on the track list is album closer, Black Screen, topping out at 12:05, so you might want to buckly yourself in for an odyssey when it comes out in September.

That’s not to say that we’re expecting it to be dull or overly baggy, because that’s not really how things go with LCD Soundsystem albums. American Dream should be no different, especially with the impact Murphy made with Call The Police. There may not be any three minute stomp-fests to look forward to, but there will still be a few indie disco dancefloor fillers in the mix.


Release date

American Dream will be landing in September with a release date planned for Friday the 1st September 2017. It’ll be available on CD, 140g double LP vinyl and digital download with a few bundles available from the LCD Soundsystem store with posters, tote bags and autographed postcards a plenty.


Ahead of the album release, two of the songs have been released as singles with Call The Police making the bigger waves and American Dream following it up with a calmer spirit. You can take a listen to them both at our review page,, as well as getting our take on the two tracks.

You can see the length of the album with the track list details below, but all told it stacks up to a hefty 1hour+ of listening time, so clear your calendar for September, find a cool dark room and get ready for something big.

American Dream track list:

  1. Oh Baby – 5:49
  2. Other Voices – 6:43
  3. I Used To – 5:32
  4. Change Yr. Mind – 4:57
  5. How Do You Sleep? – 9:12
  6. Tonite – 5:47
  7. Call The Police – 6:58
  8. American Dream – 6:06
  9. Emotional Haircut – 5:29
  10. Black Screen – 12:05

UK tour dates

LCD Soundsystem will be heading to the UK in September to play the new songs live with six dates confirmed. However, most of the dates for the UK tour have sold out already. The only gig left with tickets is the London show on the 23rd September 2017 at the Alexandra Palace, so you might want to move fast if you want to see Murphey and band mates live this year. There may be the odd one or two returns for the other shows, so details are below:

Sep 16 2017 – The Warehouse Project, Manchester – SOLD OUT
Sep 17 2017 – The Warehouse Project, Manchester – SOLD OUT
Sep 19 2017 – The Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow – SOLD OUT
Sep 20 2017 – The Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow – SOLD OUT
Sep 22 2017 – Alexandra Palace, London – SOLD OUT
Sep 23 2017 – Alexandra Palace, London – Tickets available


First impressions

We’re big fans of both Call The Police and the title track single for American Dream, so the full album should be a direct continuation of their quality. They’re big songs with a lot of interest, combined with smart lyrics and an alt-rock spirit that hits you instantly. It’s already good to have LCD Soundsystem back with new music and we suspect that it’s only going to get better with the upcoming album release.

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