Sonic The Hedgehog movie DVD, Blu-ray, digital, rental and 4K release date UK

Sonic The Hedgehog movie DVD, Blu-ray, digital, rental and 4K release date UK

Following a massive CGI redesign of the central character there’s a lot more positivity for the game to movie crossover, so the prospect of the Sonic The Hedgehog DVD, Blu-ray, digital, rental and 4K UK release date is much more promising. You can tell from the trailer below that it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, but at least Sonic no longer looks like a blue rat with a bad hairdo.

If you’ve seen Hop then you should know what to expect from this James Marsden and fluffy compadre odd couple flick. That’s no bad thing though, because Hop has a lot of redeeming features and from the look of the trailer a lot of them have been ported over to the Sonic movie with the addition of some incredible super powers for the blue blur and the Furious wrath of Dr. Robot to face.

Marsden plays a local sheriff in Green Hills, Montana who stumbles upon Sonic when he arrives on Earth through an inter dimensional portal and causes a huge power outage. This alerts the authorities and they send in crackpot inventor Dr. Robotnik to investigate, who finds out about Sonic and sets out to capture him to harness his superpowers for his own world domination plans.

If that isn’t enough to make this a big DVD, Blu-ray, digital and 4K release, there’s also the addition of Jim Carey as Dr. Robotnik in a genius piece of casting. And if you’re wondering who Sonic is, he’s voiced by Ben Schwartz who you might know as Jean-Ralphio Saperstein from the brilliant NBC sitcom, Parks And Recreation, so the stage is set for a lot of comedy one-liners and ridiculous fun.

DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, iTunes or digital rental in the UK?

The Sonic movie UK DVD and Blu-ray release date is expected in early June 2020. With so much emphasis on special effects and crazy big stunts, which you can see in the trailer below, there’s bound to be 4K Ultra HD release to go with the DVD and Blu-ray on the same date.

The digital versions will out a couple of weeks before the physical release, so it’ll be out on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and YouTube at the end of May. Special features will only be available on the HD and 4K digital versions in the UK, and we’ll update you with all of the details for the bonus content when they get confirmed.

The other choice to catch the film is the digital rental release, and this will be out on the same date as the DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD comes out.

Runtime and digital file size

The runtime for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie is 1 hours and 39 minutes, so it’s around the average for family friendly films. That should give it a digital file size of approximately 4.4 Gb at 1080p HD, and 1.7 GB in standard definition.

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Age rating and parents guide

The 2020 Sonic movie has an age rating of PG in the UK, which adds to the family-friendly viewing creds for film. The parents guide notes from the British Board Of Film Classification are fairly limited too with just mild violence, threat, and a little rude humour to take into account.

Cinema release date

The Sonic The Hedgehog movie UK release date in cinemas is Friday 14th February 2020, and while there’s no romance for any cheesy couples, it should still do well on the big screen. It’s only competition out on the same day is a new adaptation of Emma, but it will also have Birds Of Prey and Dolittle to compete against, both of which came out a week earlier.

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You’re probably best just sticking with the trailer above for the Sonic The Hedgehog DVD release, because it’s the most accurate representation of what expect. However, the original trailer was a major dogs dinner with the worst CGI interpretation of the blue dude you can ever image. For comparison, you can see the first trailer below, but don’t blame us if it makes you feel all kinds of wrong.